Milaca may ease crackdown on kids riding snowmobiles to school

You have to give it to the kids in Milaca, Minn. They don’t let a little — or a lot — of snow stop them from getting to class.

It’s the city that’s the problem, some of them say. They won’t let the kids commute to school on snowmobiles, KSTP says. And the school district prohibits snowmobiles on school property.

“The whole point of being on a snowmobile is to feel freedom, get outside,” student Brett Olson said.

Also to get to school.

Last evening, the school’s principal said he’ll ask the City Council to provide an easement allowing the kids to ride on city property on the way to class.

Last week, the school sent emails to parents telling them to leave the machines home.

“All of these kids who’ve worked their butts off to get snowmobiles and took classes to get certified to ride are very upset they were told they can’t ride to school,” said a member of a local riding club.

By the way, schools are closed Wednesday in Milaca. Snow.

  • Mike Worcester

    Most municipalities restrict snowmobile use in their boundaries to one trip either into or out of town. Prohibitions against riding on city property are also pretty typical.

  • Jerry

    Growing up in a small rural town, it was always a sure sign that spring was around the corner when the ‘billers became ‘boggers.

    • Kassie

      I have no idea what this means.

      • Jerry

        Translation: in the spring, the kids who drove snowmobiles into town (‘billers) would put them away and start driving their mud bogging trucks (like jacked up bro trucks but they actually got dirty).