Little interest in returning of Minnesota land to Canada

The Northwest Angle — the bit of land on Lake of the Woods that gives Minnesota its northern tip on the map — was never meant to be ours.

The story goes that that an old surveying error made the Angle the only part of the continental U.S. north of the 49th parallel (A Mankato historian insists it was a cartography error).

A petition that tried to get the government to consider returning the land to Canada gained some steam online last month (or at least news outlets like this one gave it attention).

But the petition failed miserably, falling more than 96,000 signatures short of its goal, as the Forum News Service’s Brad Dokken points out.

For now, the people living on the Angle will remain stuck to Canada, having to drive through the country, or take a boat or plane, to access their official country of residence.

  • Vamos Atletico

    A sovereign nation never gives up territory. Wars have been fought over less.

    • Guest

      However, lease with an option to buy…….


    • The Resistance

      There African was decolinization in the 60s. Macau in the 70s. The Panama Canal in the 80s. It’s rare, but happens occasionally. Usually when the country is broke and can’t afford to maintain that territory.

  • KTFoley

    Always tough writing the thank-you note when people try to give me things I didn’t ask for & don’t know what to do with.