Former astronaut in U.S. Senate bid

Mark Kelly, the former astronaut, announced today he’s running for the U.S. Senate, and in the process schooled politicians on how to make a political ad for a campaign announcement.

  • Erick

    This is the first time I have envied my kin in Phoenix.

  • Damn…impressive ad for an impressive individual.

    /Good logo, too.

  • Al

    Damn the torpedoes. I think I like that as a campaign slogan.

  • Barton

    I must be in a jaded mood. All I wondered as I watched it is where Rep Giffords got that awesome and lovely brooch she was wearing…….

    • Rob

      I think the brooch has some jade in it. : )

  • PC

    Yeah, aside from the off-putting editing of the “straight-to-camera” and “off-camera” interview camera angles, it’s a nice piece. (Sorry, production nerd.)

    Kelly’s an impressive candidate.

  • EarthToBobby


  • Rob

    This will be a race between a couple of very high-flyers…

  • Mike Worcester

    It’s going to be a very interesting race, especially in a presidential election year. Arizona has been slowly trending purplish and in 2018 elected its first Dem senator since Dennis DiConcini won his last term in 1988.