Dogs get the boot from Rosedale

There are really only two kinds of dog owners: humans and pigs.

A walk — any walk — reveals this fact with the number of dog droppings that weren’t picked up. How hard can this be?

So we can forgive Rosedale Center for kicking dogs — or more accurately: their owners — out.

The Star Tribune says too many dog owners weren’t cleaning up after their dogs when they took a leak.

The mall tried pushing the Sunday morning “dog time” from 9-11 a.m. to 8-10 a.m. to give the mall’s maintenance staff more time to clean up, but it didn’t work.

And some regular shoppers complained that they’re allergic to dogs.

According to commenters, people were also running their dogs in the mall.

It’s true that not all dogs owners fell into the “pig” category. But enough of them didn’t call out the behavior of the miscreants.

Who’s not at fault here? Dogs. They’re just dogs.

  • MrE85

    Along with those who don’t pick up after their pooch, can we also get some outrage for those who walk their dogs sans leash in areas where it is strictly forbidden by city ordinance? I have encountered several in my neighborhood who believe themselves to be above the rules.

  • Brian Simon

    I don’t disagree with the assessment if owners, but, really. Who couldn’t see this turning out any other way?

    • Mike Worcester

      Yet another entry for “This Is Why We Cannot Have Nice Things”?

  • QuietBlue

    I went to this several times and enjoyed it, but the last time I was there, I saw evidence of these problems. I think it got too popular and thus the problems got too difficult to manage when multiplied so much. I’ll miss it but I don’t blame the mall for doing this.

  • I walked Rosedale one Sunday morning during the dog walk (sans dog) and found it fun and interesting – but I did wonder how they handled the scofflaws. We live across from a city park entrance here in Woodbury, which is handy for walking the corgs. The problem is – as others have noted – the humans who let their dogs run off leash and can’t be bothered to pick up. I’ve spoken to the worst offenders to no avail. Now several of us conscientious dog owners bring extra bags and just pick up the worst of the abandoned waste. I’m not sure what else we can do – how can you reason with oafs who leave a giant pile right next to the park playground or at the bottom of the hill the kids use for sledding?

    • Barton

      You can’t. You just can’t.

      There seem to be 3 sets of dog owners. 1st, the ones who clean up and dispose of the waste properly. 2nd, the ones who clean up but don’t dispose of the wast properly. 3rd, the ones who just walk away like it didn’t happen.

      I’m not sure if the 2nd or 3rd group bothers me more. Last summer I watched a dog owner scoop of the mess into a plastic bag, tie off said bag and then toss the bag from a bridge right into Lake Nokomis. He’d passed two garbage bins before he tossed the plastic encased poo into the lake. And he was confused by why people were yelling at him…..

      • QuietBlue

        We require dogs to be licensed by their owners, but I often think it’s the owners that we need to license.

      • 212944

        While we are talking of dog owners here, it seems this is really just a sample of the larger society.

        Maybe I am mis-remembering or nostalgic, but there that – in most aspects of our lives – we are encountering more and more of those who “just walk away like it didn’t happen.”

        Among our neighbors, among our leaders.

        • We used to throw our trash out the windows as we drove. Or sat in the McDonald’s parking lot and just pitched it out, rather than get out of the car and walk 10 steps to the trash basket. We dumped dies and dioxins into our rivers because they were our sewers.

          We come from a long line of pigs.

          • 212944

            It would seem that without enforcement, we still are.

          • Oh, it’s not even close to our sensibilities before the environmental movement came along.

          • Mike Worcester

            Having helped on an Adopt-A-Highway cleanup a small number of times, I shudder to think what it was like before that…

          • boB from WA

            So you’re the guy I had to pick up after!

          • Jerry

            Basically a variation of the Tragedy of the Commons

        • Sybil Twilight

          Don’t get me started on the state of the Women’s locker room at the gym. (Probably the Men’s as well, but I don’t go in there.)

    • Rob

      I always carry an extra bag, and if I see somebody being slack about cleanup, I proffer the bag.

    • what neighborhood are you in? I’ve probably asked that before.

  • orville76

    I learned this the first time I took our new guy to an off leash dog park. Huge thank you to mall management for trying…wish we would have made it up there once.

  • Rob

    As a responsible dog person currently enjoying the companionship of my fifth and sixth shelter buds, I gotta say that Rosedale deserves a yuuuuge dope slap for implementing the dog walk – precisely because the outcome (literally and figuratively) was entirely predictable.

    Slipping and falling due to someone’s spilled latte while at the mall is one thing; slipping and falling on dog poop or pee is a whoooole ‘nother thang entirely.

  • MCH

    Disclaimer–I am a former dog owner who always picked up after my dog. My neighbors walked their dog in front of our house and never picked up the droppings. Being a typical passive aggressive Minnesotan I bought a package of poop bags (actually come with cute little paw prints) and put them in their mailbox with a note “please pick up after your dog”. Fortunately it worked for me with no crabby neighbor. Now if we could just convince the other neighbor who lets her dogs wander that the rest of us do not think they are as cute as she does. Especially since I am done with dogs and the pickup that comes with that.

    • Rob

      Love it! I did something similar with some neighbors; their big dog’s preferred poop spot was our front yard.

    • Sybil Twilight

      When my son was small I had a neighbor who let her dog wander and poop wherever. I asked her nicely to clean up after her dog so I wouldn’t have to do it before my son went to play in the yard. Her answer was that it was organic so I shouldn’t worry about it. I replied that was good because I was having a hankering for dog stew and I preferred organic dog, it was so much more tender. Never saw the dog in my yard again.

      • Sara Leiste

        I kind of want to be your neighbor. And I’m kind of scared of you.

    • Al

      I stood in my driveway and yelled expletives at my neighbor one day as he walked by with his unleashed dogs. Let’s just say: Probably not the best way to approach that one.