Apple Valley hockey coach decks referee

Hockey rage has struck — literally — a referee in Breezy Point, Minn.

It was a pee wee hockey game on Saturday — repeating: it was a peewee — hockey game during which Daniel Sojka of South St. Paul struck a referee, according to KSTP, which has video of the incident.

Sojka has been charged with disorderly conduct.

He was listed as a coach with an Apple Valley youth hockey team — The Peewee C Co-Op Firehawks — but his name has since been deleted from the organization’s website.

  • Frank

    For the “C” team??? Seriously???

    • Hey, Gretzky started somewhere…

      • Frank

        Ah, he played above C Pee Wee when he was a squirt. Or whatever the Canuck equivalent was then.

  • Gary F

    And they can’t get people to rep/ump youth sports. Imagine that.

  • BReynolds33

    I want to know who the other coach is. He looks to be the only one using any sense. It appears he it trying to get the ref to stay back, the ref comes skating in, and then the coach in question lays him out. The other coach immediately removes the idiot from the ice.

    That’s the guy I want to know the story of. Let’s find out about him.

    • I imagine he’s the head coach Brian Pazdernick or Dave NOlan, the manager.

  • KTFoley

    It’s pretty rare that an offense on the ice/field ends up with a police charge, yes? Perhaps in the stands, but almost never on the playing surface.

    Looks to be 100% justified in this case, though I do wonder that he wasn’t charged with assault.

    • BJ

      Between players on field it’s rare. Not between anyone else.

      • KTFoley

        Got it, thanks.

    • Mike Worcester

      // though I do wonder that he wasn’t charged with assault.
      That was my question also.

      Many(!) years ago Dino Cicarelli, when he was playing for the North Stars, was arrested for an on-ice incident.

  • Johnny P

    You stay classy Apple Valley!

    As a ref this is some of the worst hockey you can possibly ref. The players can hardly skate and the coaches have no clue as to what the rules of hockey are! Not only that but some of the coaches and parents bully the younger kids that are just starting to learn to ref.
    His penalty should be to ref a year of low level hockey!

    • Angry Jonny

      As the parent of a Peewee player, I think your assessment is a pretty gross mischaracterization of coaching, refereeing, and playing.

      • Johnny P

        I didn’t say all coaches and parents, I said some. There are great coaches and parents out there. But you are not out there on the ice all season skating with them, it is a lot different than being in the stands. You are not having the interaction with the coaches or parents in the stands. It is part of the job, granted but questionable language in front of young kids leaves a bad image for others that lingers. Give reffing a try and see what you think, they are always looking for more. I actually enjoy being out there with those kids and try to explain all my calls to the kids on the skate to the box or during faceoffs. A portion of the public think its like going to an NHL game where for some reason the fans think the refs are an adversary.

        • Angry Jonny

          My wife is on our association board, and I work book, mic, or board for a good portion of the season. I interact closely with the parents, kids, coaches, and refs. I’m not making a generalization.