A woman’s car stalled on the tracks in Hastings, and a train was coming

All over the Twin Cities in the last few days, strangers have been pushing people out of snowbanks and snowdrifts and getting no attention for it. So perhaps if the Dakota County sheriff can find three heroes, they can represent all of you who got no recognition for being the better part of us.

On its Facebook page, the sheriff’s office says a woman escaped serious injury early yesterday morning when her car was hit by a train in Hastings. It could’ve been worse had three people not stopped to help her.

This morning at 0441 hours, deputies received a call about a car stuck on the railroad track by Ravenna Trail and Polk…

Posted by Dakota County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

So that’s the best of us. For the worst of us, just read the comments.

  • For the worst of us, just read the comments.


    /Yeah, you’re probably correct…

  • Mike Worcester

    I know it might seem obvious, but in a story like that, about the only comment we should be seeing is — glad to see everyone was alright and there were no fatalities.

  • dpsours

    It’s great that they helped her, but why on earth didn’t they get her out of the car before the train hit it?

    • KariBemidji

      It’s called the OODA Loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Us humans do it every single time we make a decision. And we make thousands of decisions a day. If something disrupts this process, we go back to the beginning and it is hard to get to Act. It’s easy to say, at the comfort of my computer desk, ‘I would do this in a certain situation.’ but we don’t know how our OODA loop would work at that moment.

      So, I learned about this at an active shooter training. And this why you throw things at the shooter. It disrupts their OODA loop and you can run (or others around you can). And everyone thinks that they would save the people around them and most of us run.

  • boB from WA

    Smart thinking by the deputies to call the railroad. Getting hit by a 10 mph train is a lot different than one going 50 mph (not that this happened in this case).