A tribute to ‘every dad of that generation’

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness.

Over the years, CBS News reporter Steve Hartman, a KSTP veteran, has featured his dad on several of his poignant pieces. That includes the day he helped his dad move out of the house he’d built himself.

Why does it resonate with us so? Because so many of us face the dread.

George was in eight of Steve’s stories. And over the weekend, the last of them aired. George has died.

Both his parents are dead now. “This is a unique kind of emptiness,” Steve said. “When there is no one left on earth to love you so unconditionally.”

  • We watched that piece. It is so relatable – helping your folks cope with the death of their spouse, the day when they must give up the car, then the move out of the family home they love. The new apartment, the assisted living, the nursing home. Finally the last goodbye. For the unlucky ones there may be the loss of a child before they die. Or protracted disease. We just don’t know what lies ahead, so make the most of your time with your family now. Be kind to each other, even when that is difficult. And be patient. You won’t regret it.

  • tboom

    “This is a unique kind of emptiness”

    Yup. I buried my Mom in August 2012 (my Dad many years earlier). And speaking only for myself, the emptiness doesn’t get better with time.