Super Bowl draws the line at the ‘P word’

Being a transplant from the land of the pilgrims, I’m still shocked to hear certain words during prime-time television. I had no idea until fairly recently, for example, that it was OK to say that word that refers to a part of the anatomy, which is weird since a lot of people often stick “M” in front of it to describe people who hail from the land of the pilgrims.

I won’t type that word but I’ll type porn because, come on, seriously?

But you can’t say porn during the Super Bowl, and so an ad from a frozen food outfit was rejected by the TV network broadcasting the game.

The double entendres are hard to miss, but Ad Age says it’s the word “porn” that caused a problem. So it’s running a shorter, cleaner spot in the third quarter of the game.

It’s the hot thing in Super Bowl advertising: get attention for not running your commercial.

  • Jim

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what word you’re alluding to.

    • John

      starts with the same letter as pneumonia. Rhymes with corn.

      • emersonpie

        No, the other word, starts with M.

        • Glsai

          If you shoved your donkey into a pit, you would call the pit an….

          • emersonpie

            early grave?

        • John

          Bob was too clever for me this time.

          I did get the M + donkey + pit reference – I just couldn’t put together which word was the actual problem word.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    What you can and can’t say, the effect of 40+ years of cable TV.

  • Jerry

    I thought the word was going to be “pot”after the last commercial they refused to play