Mistaken bachelor party invitation provides a life lesson

Here’s an update on a story I passed along a week or so ago about a man in Arizona who mistakenly got an invite to a bachelor party weekend, skiing in Vermont, then asked if he could come anyway.

It went pretty well.

Will Novak

When Will Novak picked up his rental car, it had been upgraded to a Maserati, the BBC reports. When he arrived in Vermont, he was greeted by fireworks and a heavy metal concert.

Eventually, the wedding party and Will hit the slopes. Will hasn’t skied in 20 years.

“I skied into a man and we fell into a fence together. But it was super-slow speed and wasn’t a big deal,” he said.

He says he didn’t get too much of a chance to talk to the groom, but he did meet Will Novak, the one that was supposed to get the invitation he got initially.

There’s a lesson here, he says.

“Reflecting on it, I could get pretty sentimental, really. It’s a great lesson in being open to the universe and to others.”