It’s all good for furloughed worker who rationed her medicine

Mallory Bischoff, the furloughed federal worker from River Falls who’s been rationing her medicine, won’t have to anymore.

NBC News told her story the other night, repeated here Monday morning, and for all the messages I’ve gotten from people around the country anxious to help, she’s certainly gotten more.

Her insulin supply has been restored. Her faith in people, too, perhaps.

Hi there! I'm furloughed diabetic Mallory from the news – or just "Mal." I'm blown away by the outpouring of kindness…

Posted by Mallory L L Bischoff on Monday, January 14, 2019

Despite her assurances that she’s OK for now, people are still offering to help.

It fairly calls to mind the mantra of a former president, who said, “the country deserves a government as good as its people.”

  • Now we just have to find the rest of the folks who will be short on medicine, food, etc…

  • Jerry

    That’s great, but we have to remember that charity isn’t the cure, it’s only a bandaid on the real problem.

    • Nobody is saying it’s the cure. But sometimes one person’s story can just be one person’s story.

      • Jerry

        I glad she is getting the help she needs. I’m just concerned that how people receive assistance is determined by how viral their story becomes.

      • lusophone

        Pretty sure there are quite a few people who think this is the cure. Cut taxes on the rich and they will have more money to donate to charities. I know I’ve heard that before.

  • Jeff

    Making America great again…

    • Jeff


  • lusophone

    As we hear more and more of these stories I am torn. Trump said everyone would find a way to get through this. This is not how we should be getting through this. I don’t want this to be the new normal. And these high profile stories are not how the majority of people are dealing with this problem.

    • No one is saying it’s how the majority of people are dealing with this problem. It’s one story. One woman. One problem. period. End of story.

      • lusophone

        To be clear, I’m definitely not saying you’re saying it’s how the majority of people are dealing with this problem. I just get the feeling that high profile stories similar to this one can be used by some to steer policy. I have the same reaction to all the stories like this that you post, usually around health care affordability.

  • The Resistance

    I get that one person’s story can be just that. I think my issue is more with the heading of the post. As long as she’s not getting a regular paycheck, I doubt that “it’s all good” for her.

    I’m sure the publicity and subsequent donations helped her in the short term. But based on the details she provided in the story this could be a long, painful haul for her and her husband if the shutdown continues for a long time, as it appears to be.

    • X.A. Smith

      Unfortunately, it likely won’t be long before there are untimely deaths associated with this shutdown.

    • “all good” is a reference to the response of people.