Target Field’s Gate 34 makeover

The Minnesota Twins Thursday officially unveiled the look of the new Gate 34 at Target Field, the busiest entrance at the stadium. It’s no fun in blazing heat to be the person taking tickets or the fan waiting in line at the only entrance without shade.

The Twins are moving the Gold Glove statue out of its location next to Ramp B, pushing the gate out onto what was once a plaza, and providing protection from the elements.

Gone will be the planters (Did you know they were exactly the dimensions of a pitching mound?) and the trellises that looked like baseball bats. The Gold Glove, where people take pictures, will be moved into a sunken area of the plaza.

The grass inside Gate 34, which we presume will be artificial turf, is a nice touch and could allow whiffle ball games with little kids. In fact, much of the space seems designed to move features — playground, autographs etc., down from Section 230 in left field to the gate area.

Compare. The old plaza wasn’t particularly interesting.

Construction is already underway. The Twins open the season on March 28, against the Cleveland Indians, who have become an entirely beatable team in the off-season.

  • Gary F

    A few years ago, standing at the stoplight, a woman wearing a Royals jersey looked up at the gate and said ‘Oh, this is gate three, my tickets say enter gate 29, how many gates are there?”.

    I chuckled and said the gate numbers are players numbers, just go in at gate three. A whole family of Royals fans thanked me.

    • The one thing the Twins press release didn’t mention is one of the reasons for the protection is they’re going to install the scanner pedestals there so the ushers don’t have to use those handheld things anymore.

      Also I heard a rumor that the security is going to be more NFL and NHL style.

      • Gary F

        You still going to work for the Twins next summer?

      • Gary F

        So the people bringing their mitts will hold up the line because they have to scanned for AR15’s and dirty nukes?

        • I’ve written about this before but it’s guys, mostly, who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of taking your cellphone out of your pocket before walking through the metal detectors.

          • theoacme

            Maybe those “guys, mostly” should develop diabetes, that way, they can easily, as I routinely do, handle:

            a – keys
            b – US coinage
            c – cell phone
            d – power charger for said phone
            e – glucose meter and various supplies, including a lancet device

            …and all while easily complying with the soft-sided cooler rules…

            …all that, while trying to explain baseball to foreign exchange students who have never heard of baseball, and explaining the security rules again!

            (Are soft-sided coolers gone next season? And not being able to afford Vikings or Wild tix, are NFL and NHL rules “diabetic-friendly”? If the latter is “no”, I might not be going to any more Twins games.)

          • Gary F

            I am fully prepared by the time I get to the security check in. Any stadium, any airline, anywhere. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who are clueless and plug up the lines.

  • I usually enter through Gate 6 these days. Closer to my secret park-and-walk spot (and good breweries as opposed to crowded expensive downtown bars)… but this looks very good, adding some shade and the grassy (or turfy) area. It sort of reminds me of how at Petco there is the grassy area for kids to play on in deep center field. I’m into it.

    • Jeff

      I’m a Gate 6 man also, we usually park on the street (there’s a secret spot?). It’s a trudge to the craft brews on Gate 34 side. But then yes after hitting Fulton or Outbound I only need one for the game.

      • Frank

        You park on the street? That’s where I grew up.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    “The Twins open the season on March 28, against the Cleveland Indians, who have become an entirely beatable team in the off-season.”

    The latter statement may be true, but are the Twins currently a team that can beat anybody?

    • In that division? Sure. Nelson Cruz is righthanded power. Buxton is still only (a young) 25 and could still be something. They need some pitching, for sure, but they can do some damage.

    • Jeff

      They have set a pattern of overachieving every other year, so this is their year.

      • theoacme

        Losing to the Yankees in the wild card game is no longer “overachieving”…getting swept in the ALCS should now be “overachieving”.

  • “Did you know they were exactly the dimensions of a pitching mound?”

    I did not! I love all the little details like that around Target Field.

    Hopefully the Golden Glove will be moved to a shady area. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Twins fans have burned their buns leaning against that metal heat trap during blazing summer games.

    • It’s a great little park. So much of it is hidden. I don’t think folks, for example, know they can go up to the entrance to the Delta 360 Club and the little museum of the construction of the park is open to them.

      And for getting out, there’s no better kept secret than the elevators in far left and far right field.

      • Good tip on the elevators. I’ll need to check that out next season.

        Another small detail that I love: In addition to having one of the more private bathrooms that is open to the public, the Town Ball Tavern also features the hardwood floors that the Minneapolis Lakers played on.

        • Yep. Another well kept secret out there. Lots of places to sit. Air conditioned etc.

  • Ben Chorn

    It has been a long time since I have been to Target Field. I am hoping to make a game this season since I’ll be moving back this summer.

  • Gary F

    Bob, has MLB put out a statement yet whether the increased netting along the baselines effected ticket sales?

    • Not that I know of and I doubt they would. It was pretty unnoticeable at Target Field and intentionally so. They bought netting with no knots at each “square” to give it more of a transparent look.