Bullied QB is going to the Super Bowl

Dejah Rondeau is a pretty good quarterback, and it’s driving a lot of the boys who aren’t crazy.

She’s a seventh-grader in Exeter, N.H., who got the starting assignment for the the varsity Exeter Seahawks football team, comprised of seventh- and eighth-graders, according to the Portsmouth Herald.

That paved the way for the bullies.

“It’s tough because what these kids face in school is nothing like I was subjected to, because it’s all online and it never ends, her coach, Nick Graham, said.

I think football gives them all an avenue away from all that, they come out and practice for a couple hours and they get closer because you’re talking with your teammates; these are the players who are going to block for you, tackle someone.

Some players are big and have the physical ability but they’re not mentally tough. Some are mentally tough and aren’t as big, but if you’re mentally tough you can come play football.

She wears number 11, the number worn by New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman.

The bullies aren’t going to the Super Bowl.

Dejah Rondeau is.

“I heard about your story, about going out there and having a challenge, of dealing with adversity because people not accepting this, that,” Edelman told her when surprising her with tickets. “My respect level for you is just through the roof because you just ignored all the noise and you played the game we all love and that’s football.”

Rondeau is all seventh-grader when it comes to reacting.

“That was crazy,” she said.

  • crystals

    Go Dejah go!

    I have Very Big Issues w/ the NFL, but I can still appreciate their support of her (even while acknowledging doing this is obviously good PR for them).

    • lusophone

      Yeah, I guess it’s good PR for the NFL and all, but I’m pretty sure the gesture is 100 percent sincere from guys like Edelman and the other players who do these things too.

      • crystals

        100% agree that the sincerity is real from players in situations like this, but let’s also be real that it’s pretty likely they find out about and are teed up to do moments like this through their team and/or NFL PR machine. We can both appreciate the individual sincerity and recognize the system it’s a part of, hopefully – to me, it’s comparable to the many posts Bob has done in the past on the relationship between the armed forces and professional sports leagues.