Sheriff warns of scam fundraiser for alleged Closs killer

In the category of people are horrible, we give you this from the Douglas County, Wis., sheriff:

The “suspect in the Barron County” case, of course, is Jake T. Patterson, who reportedly confessed to police that he killed Jaymie Closs’ parents and abducted her.

A GoFundMe page reportedly has been taken down. A search for fundraisers for Patterson did not return any results.

Patterson is, perhaps, the most reviled man in America at the moment and it’s unlikely someone would attempt to use a fundraiser for him to con people out of money. Instead, some people are out to harass innocent people by making it appear they’re raising funds for Patterson. Despicable, indeed. The worst in people can really bring out the worst in people.

The weapon isn’t necessarily the Facebook post targeting an innocent person; it’s the lynch mob mentality of social media.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page for Closs, started by a Closs cousin in Savage, Minn., has already raised $23,000 of a $50,000 goal. A similar one started by someone in Plover, Wis., has raised $50 since it was created overnight. A Facebook campaign raised $51,000.

The family has recommended contacting the Barron branch of Sterling Bank if you wish to donate.

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  • Barton

    I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did set up a page to raise money for the alleged murderer/kidnapper. There are people who think that Charles Manson is the best thing since sliced bread after all.

    But to do it as a way to basically inflict pain on someone else (through humans being all too human to others in the worst possible way), is just evil. I hope there is a way under the law to get justice for this new young woman being abused.

    • Kassie

      If you read the KARE 11 Facebook article on the kidnapping, why there would be fundraisers for this guy is clear: people think the young girl is to blame. They think she is in on it, even though the guy admitted she is not and the police never suspected she was.

      • RBHolb

        I’ve also heard of contributions being made just to ensure that an accused person is not railroaded. Before his own criminality was revealed, Bill Cosby financed the defense of the man charged with his (Cosby’s) son’s murder.

  • crystals

    I know GoFundMe can do real good, but it is also so very problematic.

  • Guest

    This is much like SWATTING where to punish someone, a person reports a crime in progress to the local police in hopes mayhem follows. Using social media to make X a pariah is very real danger.

    There is a proposed law to disclose all political donors, the downside is these acts of mayhem against the pariah of the day.