1,000 Words: Congressional kids

It was opening day of Congress today and while the attention is on the new members, our favorite part about opening days — as we’ll see in a week in the Minnesota Legislature — are the kids of congresspeople who get to sit with their parents and see them one last time over the next two years.

  • crystals

    There’s a third representative in the third photo (after clicking on the gallery) – the woman in the middle is Sharice Davids, a lawyer, former MMA fighter, member of the Ho-Chunk nation, and Kansas’s first openly gay member of Congress. Fierce AF, and it’s a little embarrassing Getty didn’t identify her in the photo. Not quite Amy Klobuchar unidentified “woman” with McCain and Sanders levels of embarrassing, but still not great.

    The photo of the kid with the gavel is delightful.

    • Al

      Thank you for pointing that out.

  • Al

    I love Flat Stanley on the floor of Congress. I initially wondered if Spanberger’s kids’ classmates could top that visit, but I’m guessing many of them are townie kids and that’s just another normal day in the life of Flat Stanley.

  • Frank

    No one took a shot at the empty net by making a joke about Reps acting like children every day of the session?