Wisconsin turkey wearing out his welcome

Weeks ago, we told you in this space about “Smoke,” a wild turkey in Ashwaubenon, Wis., with an attitude.

Smoke would hold up traffic, and people — a lot of people, anyway — were digging Smoke, named the Tukey-Mayor of Ashwaubenon. People were wearing “I Stand with Mayor Smoke” T-shirts as public safety authorities tried to capture him. He kept evading capture.

Time is running out for Smoke after he chased a little kid this week until a driver intervened.

Wisconsin boy chased by turkey

FOWL PLAY: This testy turkey was in hot pursuit of a Wisconsin boy who was trying to walk home from school – when a good Samaritan in an SUV came to the rescue, cutting off the bird from its prey.The man who shot the video says the driver in the SUV gave the child a ride home. https://abcn.ws/2Et200g

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

“My first concern is, I don’t want to see the child run out in the road trying to get away from this, and get hit by a car. I like, instinctively turned in front of it and he was like, ‘No don’t, you are going to hit it!’ It didn’t get hit at all, but I was like, ‘What if that was our child?'” Vanessa Miramontes, the driver, told WBAY.

Smoke — OK, we’re not really sure it’s Smoke (psst: it’s Smoke; you know it’s Smoke) — stared Miramontes down, but she was unruffled.

Another driver stopped and took the boy home.

On Wednesday night, officers tried to capture the turkey again. And, again, they failed.

One member of a Facebook group dedicated to Smoke appeared to swear at officers (warning: Obscenity)

Oh, Wisconsin!

  • KTFoley

    We need a snappy hashtag to unite these posts: No sirens or breakdowns, but people in your state pull the car over in traffic for:

    – NJ: Airborne cash
    – WI: Turkey attacks
    – TX: Senior citizens driving the wrong way on the interstate

    • Barton

      MA: Ducks (well, Boston does)

  • Jerry

    Turkeys are jerks.

    • Rob

      And can taste good when marinated in jerk sauce. Or, maybe Smoke will just end up in the smoker.

    • Gary F

      Yep. Golden Valley had to relocate a bunch of them years ago because all the trouble they caused on Golden Valley Road and Duluth street.

      A big Tom saw his reflection in my car side mirror and started attacking it. Traffic was frequently backed up because of them, and people waiting for the bus were rightfully scared.

      Careful, they can be mean.

  • JonasGrumby

    If he is in front of my car he is toast. I have an older car so I don’t care if it gets another dent.

  • lindblomeagles

    I wonder why Smoke is staying in town? Wild female turkeys tend to live in small social groups, even when brooding chicks. She seems to be spotted alone a lot in Ash (nickname) Wisconsin.