Wisconsin hunters kill, then toss deer along road

It’s unlikely the Bayfield County Sheriff’s Office in northern Wisconsin will get much help in its search for the hunters who cleaned and gutted deer, then tossed the carcasses on a road in Cable, Wis., on Saturday.

These kinds of hunters tend not to associate with the decent folk.

Wisconsin Conservation Warden Koshollek is requesting the publics help again. The three deer pictured were dumped near…

Posted by Bayfield County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

  • Barton

    These hunters – if ever found – should lose their hunting licenses!

    • If they even had one.

      • Barton

        You are right, I started with an assumption. But my (unwritten) conclusion is still the same: people suck.

      • KTFoley

        That’s what I imagine — they tossed the carcasses because they were about to get caught hunting without a license.

  • Gary F

    Why go to the effort to gut them if you don’t take them?

    Can’t quite figure of the reasoning here.

    • Nor can I…it doesn’t make sense.

      • Sonny T

        I am going to guess they were going to come back and pick up the deer, then got spooked and abandoned them. I do not know the penalties for this, but am always surprised at the light sentences handed down for gross violations like these.

        • Gary F

          And the wolves or coyotes would have them gone by night fall.

  • Carolie

    What a waste.