In Duluth, an effort to repair the world

It was a relaxing and enjoyable day on Tuesday, even for those people doing the hard work of repairing the world.

Like members of Duluth’s Temple Israel, who served dinner at the Union Gospel Mission on Christmas.

“It’s tikkun olam,” John Sillanpa tells the Duluth News Tribune.
“You look at what you can do to make the world a better place,” said his wife, Toby.

In a small slice of Minnesota, mission accomplished.

The people who come for meals at the mission are “the most graciously thankful people I’ve ever met,” said Jordahl-Bubacz, who is entering her fourth year as director.

She was thankful on behalf of her small staff, at least some of whom got the holiday off thanks to the Temple Israel volunteers, Jordahl-Bubacz said. From October on, as the weather gets colder, her staff gets extremely busy, she explained.

“To have volunteers come in like that, it means the absolute world,” she said. “It just gives us hope.”

There are a little more than five days left to save 2018.

  • Guest

    got the holiday off thanks to the Temple Israel volunteers = classy move, thanks

  • John F.

    While 2018 was a rough year for many, I felt it was saved long before December. After my first daughter was born in June, I resolved to turn off the same 24 hour news cycle that I, like many Millennial Americans, have become so accustomed to for most of our adult lives. I began to look for stories of people helping, people caring, and people giving. Even in the worst of events, I saw people giving blood, fighting fires, and comforting strangers.

    This year, I resolved to learn my neighbors names, attended my first National Night Out Block Party, and started volunteering. What I saw was a generous community of people offering a spare hand, a tool, or a kind word. These people may not make the evening news, but they’re there.

    Right after my daughter was born, I saw an old clip of Fred Rogers on YouTube where he says something like “In bad times, always look for the helpers. There are always people helping”. Like many small corners of the Internet, this blog has demonstrated that there are, in fact, people doing good.