Dying man bought neighbor a Christmas gift for the next 13 years

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness from the Department of Feels.

Ken Watson of Wales has all his Christmas shopping done, at least for the little girl who lives next door. Cadi was born a year after her parents moved to the neighborhood.

On Monday, Ken’s daughter knocked on their door with a sack.

“She was clutching this big bag plastic sack and I thought it was rubbish she was going to ask me to throw out,” Owen Williams tells the BBC.

There were 14 presents from Ken for Cadi. One for each of the next 14 Christmases.

Ken died in October.

Curiously, in announcing the generosity by Twitter, Cadi’s father asked whether she should just open all the presents now, which seems to contradict the old-timer’s wishes. There’s something metaphorical about that.

“He was a real character,” Mr. Williams said.

With real character.

  • MrE85

    After my wife and I are gone, if there is any money left, it’s going all to charity. We all can give gifts after we die.

  • merry_rose

    How sweet! I hope they keep to one gift a year and always tell Cadi about their wonderful former neighbor. He chose her as an honorary granddaughter and thought of her as his own time was ending. They could visit his grave so that she can say thank you for his generosity. It would be a nice touch.

  • crystals

    Who are these 31% “open now, and rewrap” monsters?!

  • Guest

    Very Classy. What a way to give a hug of wishing-you-well over the years. Everyone enjoys being thought of.

  • Doron Clark

    Great story! Thanks for finding this and sharing.