Buddy the Elf in random pillow fights

It’d be OK with us if Brendan Evans’ idea catches on and becomes a holiday sensation; the world can use a little of whatever he’s having.

He’s a having a pillow fight, dressed as Buddy the Elf, with random strangers around Boston.

Pillow Fights with Strangers ft. Buddy the Elf

Pillow Fights with Strangers ft. Buddy the Elf..Music: Pennies from Heaven by Louis Prima.🎥: Ryan Sullivan.Inspired by: BigDawsTv Angrypicnic Steven Schapiro RossCreations

Posted by Brendan Edwards on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

He’s tried to “go viral” — as the kids say — once before without success. He dressed as a hot dog and asked people questions.”

Evans is a firefighter in suburban Boston.