Brexit dispute leads to inspired J.K. Rowling essay

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, said on Friday his party will press ahead for Brexit, Britain’s go-it-alone separation from the European Union, if there’s another referendum on exiting the Union.

He also again criticized EU state aid which, he says, hurts business and investment.

The man who might well be the next prime minister,favors renegotiating a deal with the EU, which opponents call a “myth.”

This all sparked one of the greatest J.K.Rowling Twitter threads in the history of great J.K. Rowling Twitter threads.

She called it “The Visitation of The Corbynites:
A Festive Thread

  • Ickster

    That was beautiful.

  • Mike Worcester
    • Sadly, the referendum was ginned up on a bunch of hyperbole and outright lies, like our 2016 election. People who read and actually know things (Newscut readers, for example) could see through the baloney, but alas…

      • jon

        And the Russian interference…

    • Sonny T

      Brexit is Britain’s Trump moment. The elites are furious, just as they were (are) here. Things were going pretty well for them, and now this.

      • Sybil Twilight

        I’m genuinely curious what you mean when you say “the elites?”

        • Sonny T

          Thank you Sybil. I will be absolutely happy to explain myself.

          By “the elites” I mean the comfortable, the well-off, the ones who benefit from the way things are. Membership in the EU makes life easier and more profitable for this class, but has real consequences for others.

          The single biggest reason for Brexit is economic control.
          Britain’s “small” or non-commodity industries were suffering. The EU forced Britain’s farmers and manufacturers to abide by a powerful, centrally controlled bureaucracy. The decisions made, often at the behest of banking and investor interests, took business away, allocating it elsewhere as they saw fit. It was the ordinary worker who worked harder, made less, and had less say about the future.

          The equivalent, of course, is Trump’s trade war. The same people oppose it. The elites can send their money anywhere, after all. The rest of us can’t.

          • Wall St. in freefall. So it’s all good. Pure economic genius at work.

          • Sonny T

            I don’t know nothin’ about no Wall Street.

            And I can take the other side if you want. But that’s been well-documented. The rich, after all, have a way of making sure their side is heard.

          • I’m still trying to figure out what bonehead thought it was a good idea to put out a press release from Mnuchin, while sitting in Cabo, raising the fear that banks don’t have enough liquidity.

            The economy is a house of cards right now. And a strong wind is blowing.

            But the president will find his boogeyman. Truman, he ain’t.

          • Sonny T

            I’m not a big economy guy. Or maybe I am. But if you were to list the top things any economist would desire we have them right now. Low unemployment, rising wages (at least for the working stiff), high GDP, low inflation, low gas prices, falling food stamp use, high consumer confidence, it goes on and on. If this economy can’t perform now, it never can.

            I guess what I’m saying is hang tight. The stock market could be headed for an epic year. Like us 🙂 Happy Holidays Bob thanks for everything.

          • >>The stock market could be headed for an epic year.<<

            Exactly what I am predicting, an epically poor year.

            We are off to a great start…

          • Sybil Twilight

            Thank you.

  • AmiSchwab

    let them leave and may they remember they are an island. if you can’t feed yourselves then don’t go biting the hands that feed you.

  • Barton

    “Queen Nicola” is my favorite bit, b/c JK has been rather scathing re: the SNP and their desire to be free of England (and to a lesser degree Wales and N Ireland). Maybe this will make JK not speak so loudly against the next Scottish Independence referendum…..

  • theoacme

    The UK newspapers all hate Corbyn, to the point where they all would rather have lost the Second World War, than see Corbyn become prime minister…

    …what most Americans don’t realize is that about 40% of Labour voters voted for Brexit, and most haven’t changed their minds, and most of the UK media is very conservative, as well as hating Corbyn (who is a bit to the right of Bernie Sanders)…

    …no matter what Corbyn does, the media would hate him, even though Brexit is solely the responsibility of the Conservative and Unionist Party and its coalition “confidence and supply” partner, the Northern Ireland DUP, which has an absolute majority in the House of Commons…

    …so, Corbyn is stuck between Scylla and Charybdis, and is totally getting all the blame for everything that’s wrong in Britain, even though the Conservatives and DUP have a majority coalition government, and PM May has been acting like a Trump (one nickname for her is “Maybot”)…

    …so whilst Ms. Rowling’s work is well orthographed, her words show a willful ignorance of the actual political situation in the UK at best, and a clear concupiscence and support to the upper economic and political classes at worst.