A housekeeper in a Trump hotel risks everything to speak her truth

One certainly hopes the journalists at the New York Times asked Victorina Morales several times, “Are you sure you want to do this?” when she went public with the fact she’s an undocumented worker.

Victorina Morales isn’t just any housekeeper at a resort. Victoria Morales is housekeeper at a Donald Trump resort.

There is no evidence that Mr. Trump or Trump Organization executives knew of their immigration status, the Times says. “But at least two supervisors at the club were aware of it, the women said, and took steps to help workers evade detection and keep their jobs.”

That’s all well and good and maybe that’s the story, but what’s going to happen to Victorina Morales now that she’s outed herself?

“We are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows that we are here helping him make money,” she said in today’s article. “We sweat it out to attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation.”

Morales and another housekeeper approached the Times through their lawyer, who is representing them on immigration matters, the newspaper said.

Most of the story focuses on the Trump organization’s alleged knowledge of the undocumented workers at the complex at a time when Trump the candidate and then the president focused on immigration. And, for sure, that’s not a bad story at all.

But why someone would step forward and risk deportation to speak her truth might just be a better one.

At the very least, she said, she knows as soon as her name is public, she’ll be out of work.

  • >>Most of the story focuses on the Trump organization’s alleged knowledge of the undocumented workers at the complex at a time when Trump the candidate and then the president focused on immigration.<<

    I guarantee that the Trump Organization knew full well they had undocumented laborers working for them. The Trumps been exploiting them for decades.

    • Jeff

      Calling out lies and hypocrisy doesn’t seem to matter to the Trump herd. I’m sure he’ll blame it on Hillary, Obama, or the Democrats.

  • Barton

    This, to me, is a Profile In Courage!

  • lusophone

    Yes, very courageous and she is risking a lot, I say this not knowing what her life situation is here in the US, if she has kids who are citizens or not and so many other details. But I think we, meaning those of us who were born here and have many generations of ancestors who were also born here, simplify their situations. Some immigrants don’t necessarily want citizenship or to live here for the rest of their lives. Of course many do, but not all. I think the fact is, we need them here. And they are sick and effing tired of being treated less than human. This country needs to wake up and realize this before it’s too late. We need immigrants to come to our country.

    • lusophone

      Wow, after reading the article, I would say Ms. Diaz has risked quite a bit more with her legal resident status. I hope her lawyer is a good one.

    • Guest

      We need immigrants to come to our country. = = = OK, whose call is it, Those with skills that are needed or just any down and out that wants a better life?

      Switched places, I sure would strive to get inside the US.

      BUT it is up to Congress to decide who and how many.

  • lindblomeagles

    You know, most of us deep down inside ABSOLUTELY KNOW Latin immigrants risk a lot getting here. We all know they leave despotic rule; countries with questionable law enforcement officers; countries where there is no freedom to speak out against corrupt elected officials; gangs that threaten people’s families and lives; too few good available jobs; treks on foot through barren weather beaten deserts; starving children — every American knows, or, at the very least, ought to know given our status as the most powerful and economically advanced country in the Western Hemisphere. BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?????? Ironically our country HAD a chance to do something about it when George W. Bush advanced the idea of amnesty in 2006, and again later, in President Obama’s tour at the White House. We did what America has always done regarding this topic, NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. It’s not enough to show Donald Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth because EVERYBODY KNOWS HE LIES, a lot! What are we going to do about it???? That’s what we need to figure out. This woman DID SOMETHING. What are we domestic Americans going to do?

    • jon

      We know the absolute best thing to do would be to end the policies in the US that helped create the situation they are fleeing…

      It’s sad that the people pushing the war on drugs, are trying to close the borders to keep the refugees of that war on the other side of the border, that the people who are shouting against foreign aid are the ones shouting the loudest at the ramifications for the US for not providing that same foreign aid, the people who fear their jobs are being taken away by those who didn’t have the advantage of an american education voting to gut that same american educational system…

      We need to fix the problems, not the symptoms, building a wall is no good when some one can build a ladder, taking away the reasons asylum seekers need to seek asylum…

  • Guest

    Illegals here in the US:
    A) Most are very good people.
    B) Most are working hard.
    C) So what, it is the call of Congress, not every person who would be better off whether they should be allowed to come and stay.

    Most of the planet would be better off inside the US.

    SOME limit needs to be enforced, your wish for the limit is different than mine, but nobody thinks another 300 million is a good idea.

    • MrE85

      Your points are well taken, with one suggested edit. “Illegals” is not a noun, and it certainly isn’t an appropriate word to describe people.

      • Guest

        I plead common usage instead of “Those who are >>>>”
        Criminals, minors, Republicans, elders all have different connotations than illegals but we all know the term is short-hand for “Those who are here illegally”.

        What would you suggest instead? I am not being snarky, just lazy.

        • MrE85

          That particular term is used primary by people who do not share my views and values. That’s why I avoid it. I find it dehumanizing and degrading, and so do they. That’s why they use it.

          When describing a marginalized and frequently victimized part of the community, I take the time to say “those who are here illegally” or the sorter “undocumented workers.”

          As with the previous term, the meaning is clear, just without the extra baggage.

    • CB

      And if Congress does nothing? If one party has a vested interest in doing nothing, as this article shows? If some Americans refuse to make practical legislation (i.e. limits) and instead promote non-starter ideas like a border wall? Those in power seem to have no interest in a legitimate discussion of the issue, only fearmongering and grandstanding, while preserving the status quo.

      • Guest

        Then the current limits stay…..and are enforced. Again everyone has their own limit they’d like to see. They agree to enforcement of their limit.

  • The Resistance

    Perhaps we could come to an agreement with Mexico that they agree to a complete halt to immigration to the US in exchange for the revocation of the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo through which the US took more than 50% of Mexico’s territory.

    I applaud Victorina Morales. She has the kind of pluck we need in this country.