1,000 Words: The protesters

The freedom to peacefully assemble and speak your mind is a beautiful thing.

At the same time, we often wonder, who are these people who have time on a workday to do so?

Big points to the guy who recognized the advertising opportunity, though.

  • RBHolb

    To whom are the “Vindicate” and “Clear” signs directed? General Flynn plead guilty, admitting his guilt of at least one charge.

    It’s hard to imagine vindicating or clearing someone who admits his guilt.

    • >>General Flynn plead guilty<<

      Well, there's always THAT angle…

    • MikeB

      In the fever swamps his guilty plea is suspect, still looking to clear him. A mile-wide gap between his in court strategy and out of court (right-wing media) strategy. Since words and events have no meaning, today’s transcripts only validate the Deep State death grip

      • jon

        facts, reality, these things don’t matter. Only winning matters… my side vs your side…. that’s it.

  • Gary F

    At least most of their signs are handmade.

    Whenever I see a protest and most of the signs were professionally made, I’d wish the media would broadcast who was behind the signs as part of their story.

    • I think they shared a magic marker. Also, the same handwriting on all the signs.

      Maybe they’re like the people who stand on street corners near shopping malls waving those “going out of business” signs.

    • >>Whenever I see a protest and most of the signs were professionally made<<

      Graphic Designers protest too.

      /Been to a few in my day with "professionally" created signs that I designed and printed myself.

      //You noticed the "professionally" printed "I stand with Flynn" signs, right?

      • Jerry

        I was going to say “God forbid protesters visit a Kinkos before the protest” but then I remembered Kinkos doesn’t exist anymore. So, god forbid protesters visit Fedex Office or wherever it is called before the protest.

  • AmiSchwab

    ollie north 2.0

    • jon

      Trump administration is doing a bad impersonation of all of America’s greatest scandals… Zinke is leaving because of his teapot dome remix, we got the Moscow Trump tower doing a bad Whitewater impression and then there is the cover up Watergate style…

  • The Resistance

    Stephanie Mencimer at Mother Jones has some good reporting on these people.

    Turns out at least some of them are there to protect Flynn and his family from Antifa thugs. Who weren’t there.


    • >>Turns out at least some of them are there to protect Flynn and his family from Antifa thugs. <<

      Seriously? Wow…

      • The bikers were. Not those pictured

        • I was expressing surprise at the phrase “Antifa thugs.”

          Why would “Antifa thugs” want to inflict harm on Flynn?

          • jon

            Because everyone knows that Antifa hates justice, law, and order…. and if Flynn is helping in a DOJ investigation then he must be a target for antifa…

            j/k, it’s for the reasons MikeB gave up top… they assume that Flynn is still an asset to “their side” somehow rather than the liability that he actually is.

  • Ben Chorn

    I sometimes miss my old job where I would work 2-3 weeks at a time, then get 7-10 days off. It boggled my mind how many people work M-F, 9-5 jobs and don’t think about those that don’t.

  • MrE85

    The @PBS piece on Facebook I watched last night noted at least one incident when a protest event was literally created Russian trolls, who then encouraged people on both sides of the issue to show u with signs. They did.