1,000 Words: Bob Dole’s salute

A moment Tuesday at the Capitol reminded us that no matter how powerful we become, time still calls the shots.

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, now 95, was a contemporary of President George H.W. Bush. Dole fought in World War II, where he was badly wounded. After the war, he won a seat in the U.S. House, then went on to the Senate where he served as majority leader. In 1996, he was the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

On Tuesday, Dole was wheeled to the casket of the former president, helped out of his wheelchair, and was held as he mustered a final salute.

(h/t: Matt Mikus)

  • Jack

    Thank you for your service Senator Dole and for honoring President Bush for his service.

  • ec99

    Bush, Dole et al were part of a politics long ago passed. When Ronnie and Tip would get together in the family quarters over a drink to iron out differences. When the aisle in both houses was not a DMZ. When party was secondary to country. That’s all gone now. And the US will be poorer for it.

    • Postal Customer

      One party is secondary to country. One of the parties.

  • Jim G

    Each generation needs to make a new bond with our Republic to make it their own; so when these honorable men of valor fall…the Colors do not fall, but are held even higher.