Your texts to Tim Walz are going to Adrian Smith

A minor takeaway, perhaps, but we’re impressed nonetheless by how many people think they have Governor-elect Tim Walz’s cellphone number.

They don’t, apparently, because Adrian Smith, of Rochester, is getting the congratulatory texts some Minnesotans have been sending.

Smith has had the number since about January 2017, just a few months before Walz announced his candidacy for governor.

Most of the texts are from other politicians not quite connected enough to get the new number, but some indicate Walz might’ve missed out on some important news.

“I replied to one of them, stating that I was not in fact Tim Walz, but I haven’t replied to any besides that one,” Smith says of the ongoing texts.

Smith has set up an Instagram account (nottimwalz) of wayward messages.

(h/t: Joseph Phelps)

  • Guest

    How many noses have gotten out of joint by “You dissed me by not replying” when it was a typo by the sender 🙂

    • I have had two of these sorts of things.

      Apparently, I have the old phone number for a former mendota heights cop, who was fired by that city council a few years ago. Those were interesting texts.

      And Daryl Turner, if you’re out there, for god’s sake, son, pay some of your bills. I’ve been getting your collection agency calls for ten years now. At least cancel your Walgreen’s reward account so I can use my cellphone number with mine.

      • jon

        I get people signing up for things with my email address all the time…

        I get receipts from home depot for some one who is in the military (or at least gets the military discount).

        I once got emails for a woman in California (with instructions and passwords for how to set up her direct deposit for her new job) who had the same name as my then girlfriend (now wife), and it was nothing at all like my email address.

        And of course had a cell phone from work once that got voicemails all the time from collections agents, and from a woman who insisted that my child needed me in their life… (really disconcerting the first time when they didn’t call me by the wrong name until the end of the voice mail.)

      • Jack Ungerleider

        We had the same issue for a long time. Our land line (yes we still have it) had been the number of someone who ran a small business. We would get collection calls for a while. When they finally realized we weren’t covering for the scofflaw they stopped. Then the debt would be sold and the calls would start again. The only time I actually returned a call was early on when I had a message from the MN Department of Revenue. They thanked me for updating them on the ownership of the phone number. Never heard from them again.

    • Al

      I used to get mail belonging to a member of The Hold Steady. It’s my infinitesimally small claim to fame.

    • RBHolb

      When I was growing up, our phone number was one digit off from the number for some federal housing program (724-XXXX vs. 725-XXXX). Whenever that agency announced some new program, we would get at least a dozen calls asking about it.

      A few years ago, my home phone number was the same as the number belonging to someone a federal inmate named Carlos really, really wanted to speak to.

  • John

    I don’t get phone calls any more for the former owner of my number, but there are at least three other folks who share my first and last name in the world.

    I’ve gotten details on conferences that I’m not going to, and I’ve gotten receipts for joining a young kids’ dance class in Stockholm. (for two of the other three)

    We, the sharers of this name, have done all right for ourselves. Sometimes googling your own name comes up with delightful information about what you have done in name.