Your texts to Tim Walz are going to Adrian Smith

A minor takeaway, perhaps, but we’re impressed nonetheless by how many people think they have Governor-elect Tim Walz’s cellphone number.

They don’t, apparently, because Adrian Smith, of Rochester, is getting the congratulatory texts some Minnesotans have been sending.

Smith has had the number since about January 2017, just a few months before Walz announced his candidacy for governor.

Most of the texts are from other politicians not quite connected enough to get the new number, but some indicate Walz might’ve missed out on some important news.

“I replied to one of them, stating that I was not in fact Tim Walz, but I haven’t replied to any besides that one,” Smith says of the ongoing texts.

Smith has set up an Instagram account (nottimwalz) of wayward messages.

(h/t: Joseph Phelps)