On Saturday Night Live, a newly minted congressman accepts an apology

Comedian Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live apologized for his stupid jokes just before election day when he criticized former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw for his eye patch.

Crenshaw lost his eye in a bomb blast.

On Saturday night’s show, Davidson apologized although the audience thought it, too, was a comedic bit and chuckled through it.

“Americans are not a people that shatter at the first sign of offense,” Crenshaw told his supporters while accepting victory in his campaign for Congress on Tuesday.

Then he proved it during Davidson’s apology.

“Thank you so much for coming,” Davidson said after Crenshaw interrupted his apology.

“Thanks for making a Republican look good,” Crenshaw replied.

“The left and right can still agree on some things,” Crenshaw said. “Americans can forgive one another. We can remember what brings us together as a country and still see the good in each other.”

If Americans ever understand that, the internet will go out of business.

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  • Gary F

    Pete Davidson actually offered a real sincere apology. That doesn’t happen often in big time media, entertainment, and politics. Good job.

    • wjc

      And a good job by Dan Crenshaw for going on SNL and accepting the apology graciously and with humor. Excellent moment all around.

      • Gary F

        Yup, him too.

      • Veronica

        And for acknowledging that Pete’s dad was a firefighter who died on 9/11.

  • Rob

    Dude can’t be a real Republican; he’s got facial hair. : )

  • AL287

    “Americans are not a people that shatter at the first sign of offense,”

    We used to be fairly resilient but social media has just about eliminated that premise along with a certain resident in the White House.

    Americans have either withdrawn into their proverbial corners or are letting their bigotry or prejudices hang out in the open online with few resulting consequences.

    Every week I get a phone call from my sister that starts out positive but then devolves into an angry, resentful tirade from her end.

    Sometimes I deliberately disagree with her and say she sounds poorly educated in an attempt to force her to deal with her conspiracy obsession with everything from the migrant caravan to buried resentment of people of color running for office with the hope that I might stretch out my next phone call to two weeks of relative peace and tranquility.

    She’s like the Energizer Bunny.


    • Rob

      Peace and tranquility are never found by engaging with the uninformed. You must not have caller ID…

      • jon

        Anyone else notice that “uniformed” and “uninformed” look alot alike in a thread about apologizing to a veteran…

        p.s. “engaging” with the “uniformed” has a slightly different meaning for those in the military… I’d advise against any engagement with members of the US military from a strictly self preservation point of view.

      • AL287

        I definitely have caller ID but I take pity on her because she lives alone.

        You can abandon a friendship gone bad but that’s impossible when it’s a family member. Family will lend a hand when you’re in a pinch even if there’s a grudge involved.

        She has a Master’s degree so there is no excuse for her to be uninformed. She just picks news sources that reinforce her beliefs rather than challenge them (as many of us tend to do.).

        • theoacme

          “You can abandon a friendship gone bad but that’s impossible when it’s a family member. Family will lend a hand when you’re in a pinch even if there’s a grudge involved.”

          You haven’t met either my eldest older sister or my wife’s youngest sister: “Hold my beer!” doesn’t do their grudginess and spiteful hatred justice…

  • KTFoley

    In my life I find that grace under pressure comes occasionally from inspiration but more usually from practice.

    Thanks to Pete & Ben for showing people how it’s done.

  • BReynolds33

    I often find myself wishing I could live in the world certain people make me think is possible. Ben Crenshaw is one of those people.

    I really wish what he said could be a thing. We’re so far away from it, it plays as folly to even suggest it could be real.

    • KTFoley

      And yet there they are, being the kind of people that we say don’t exist anymore.

      I’m humbled by the reminder that this is how we make the world we want to live in — one interaction at a time.

  • crystals

    I’ve struggled to decide whether to comment on this, since I *do* agree that there was some benefit to this moment as it relates to honoring our veterans and all who have served and I thought it was wonderful that he recognized Pete’s dad. I have really mixed feelings, though, because Rep.-Elect Crenshaw is also not someone I am particularly excited to be boosting up as a role model.

    Pete Davidson said something REALLY stupid. He absolutely should apologize for it. It just feels so…I don’t know, weird, that SNL is somehow the place where this kind of fence mending happens when stuff like this is being spread without apology, including by the person who just got a free platform on national television, ever.