MN driver crashes at 70 mph while watching Netflix

What was so important on Netflix that Taylor Thiets, 20, of Maplewood had to watch it while driving 70 mph on Interstate 94 before crashing between Rothsay and Fergus Falls in northwestern Minnesota?

We can’t know, apparently.

WDAY says the State Patrol won’t release the information while the case is still “open,” although it’s hard to imagine how her taste in streaming video could be such sensitive data.

Whatever, Taylor is the latest example of the escalating problem of distracted driving in a state where the Legislature has been dead set against doing much about it.

The State Patrol says other drivers called them when they saw Taylor fly by, but by the time troopers were dispatched, she’d already crashed.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, her 2016 Subaru Impreza left the road and struck the median eastbound in Oscar Township.

Her injuries were not life threatening.

She was cited for using a wireless device while driving.

That law carries a $225 fine. The second time.

The accident happened last month. The State Patrol this week has been tweeting details of recent distracted driving and drunk driving cases.

  • jon

    Come on self driving cars…

  • Jay Sieling

    I am pretty certain I saw this car/driver on my way back from the cities last month. Passed her and figured she was on a phone – then saw the device was on console – landscape wise and looked like a movie was playing. We exited at Osakis right after that.

  • boB from WA

    At least she wasn’t going over the speed limit. 😛

  • Brian Simon

    I just bought a car (a 2014) that apparently has the ability to show movies on the dash display. Huh? To whom does this sound like a good idea? Even if I’m focused on driving & the display is for the passenger(s), it seems like it would be a significant distraction.

    • Knute

      Our dash screen only works when the car is in park. Rear screen (minivan), works anytime.