God love ya, Gardy!

Sure, we should all be talking about Joe Mauer on the day he officially announced his retirement.

But can we just pause for just a moment to observe the legend of Ron Gardenhire, who showed up for Monday’s news conference, a day after Veterans Day, with a North St. Paul American Legion hat?

  • ec99

    Amazing how time erases the memory of 100-loss seasons.

    • He wasn’t the general manager.

      • ec99

        Neither was the most recent manager fired after one poor season.

        • Yeah, but he didn’t appear to be that skilled at it. You’ll recall last year after the front office — which stinks — gave up, it was Brian Dozier who had to rally the troops to perform. And they did and made the playoffs. Dozier got Molitor a manager of the year award.

    • Erik Petersen

      He never lost 100 games here

  • Erik Petersen

    He’s an army brat, if I recall right. Born actually on a base in Germany.

    N St Paul is pretty decent Legion baseball territory

  • KTFoley

    I don’t follow sports closely enough to know Ron Gardenhire as anyone other than a decent guy.

    One class act showing up for another. Good deal.

  • Vince Tuss

    And it’s a special day for Gardy and the Twins: https://twitter.com/twinsalmanac/status/1062043095435423745?s=21

  • Erik Petersen

    That 06 team won 96 games. Woof. You know what secret sauce would have put them over the top? David Ortiz…

    • frightwig

      The team was swept in 3 games, outscored 16-7 in the series, by Oakland. Maybe they could’ve turned the 3-2 Game 1 loss into a win with Ortiz instead of Phil Nevin at DH. Do they also get out of the series and beat Detroit (who swept Oakland, and had been 11-8 with a +32 run differential against the Twins that season)? Probably not.

  • MrE85

    Gardy’s dad was career Army. The Tiger’s skipper was born at a U.S. military base in Germany, so the Legion hat is no surprise. Besides, he’s a Legion Hall kind of guy, no?

  • Aw, I miss Gardy’s interviews (and ejections!). What a fun guy.