After hitting deer, elderly man hoofs it to the polls

One more from the campaign and election of 2018 before we move on.

We’ll have whatever John Pinter, 83, of Cedarburg, Wis., which is near nowhere, is having.

He was on the road — he’s a traveling salesman — on Monday night when he started heading home so he could vote on Tuesday. When he hit a deer, his car was totaled.

So on Election Day, he walked.

“I’ve got emphysema, so I take about 20 steps and I’ve gotta stop,” Pinter tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I’ve never missed an election. I had to vote today,” he said. “That’s a freedom Americans have.”

Pinter called around on Tuesday looking for a ride but couldn’t get anyone to help out, which may tell us more about Cedarburg, Wis., than we want to know.

  • kevins

    I would have given him a ride for sure, but I live in the MN 7th…sad.

  • Brian Simon

    “Cedarburg, Wis., which is near nowhere”

    You may be thinking of Waldo.

  • chlost

    Wait. Who would not respond to an elderly person’s phone call for a ride? To anywhere they want to go? To pick them up from an accident site?
    I can’t even fathom not doing so, no matter what.