1,000 Words: Positively 5th Street

That feeling you get when you realize you’re driving on light-rail tracks and not the street anymore.

In a way, it’s surprising it doesn’t happen more often. Here, courtesy of Google Maps, is what a driver who wants to turn right onto Fifth Street from Hennepin Avenue faces.

The clue about what to do is on a small sign on the far side of the street.

  • Gary F

    Stay clear of 5th St drunk or sober, day or night.

    • I walk it every night there’s a Target game b/c we park at the Xcel ramp. It’s a really fascinating stretch there. The panhandlers holding signs looking for money for drugs is an interesting touch.

      • Guest

        YIKES, gotta give ’em truth in advertising tho.

        What do those signs say?

        • It indicates the lane for cars is on the other side of two train tracks

          • Those are some helpful panhandlers…

    • Joe

      But then you’ll miss out on Trieste Cafe, which serves by far the best Greek/Mediterranean food in the Cities.

      • Gary F

        You can go there, just don’t use 5th st.

  • Rob

    The LRT corridor in DT Mpls has some of the most counter-intuitive engineering ever.

  • Postal Customer

    It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.

  • Veronica

    I’m a very good driver.

    I used stupid Google Maps last night in the middle of the snow storm; it had me take a completely bonkers route to get home.

    I barely missed being hit by a light rail train with the snow covered stresets. This nonsense should stip🇹🇱

    • jon

      Google maps tries to route around traffic…
      When everything is traffic it is going to send you on a “bonkers” route to get around everything…

    • The Waze APP might be better for you…

      • The only reaason *I* haven’t gone Waze fulltime is that the Google Maps navigation tells you in what lane you need to be in over the course of a route. That’s a REALLY great thing to have, especially in some of the ramps of the interstate which have forks in them (Lyndale/Hennepin off 94, for example)

        The flaw in Google Maps is it absolutely OBSESSES with the fastest route, based of course on the location report from all the Android users on the road. And sometimes the routes look stupid. They may very well be fastest, but they’re stupid anyway.

        That said, it put me on Thomas Ave the other night to get up to the Payne Phalen neighborhood from University instead of going down to Marion and taking a left.

        It was a godsend.

        • Joseph

          Fun fact, Waze is also a Google mapping product, and Google has mostly updated Google Maps so it has all the same features as Waze. There’s really only a limited difference now in the two apps.

          • That “which lane” should I be in feature really needs to be part of it.

          • WAZE told me which lane to be in when gong to Roseville during rush hour last night. Maybe they updated it with that feature?

          • The the little white arrows depicting the current number of lanes? Or text. Gotta be the arrows.

          • Not sure, I don’t actually look at the screen while driving…and my wife was the navigator.

        • king harvest

          I already know my route when I set out, so I use the map function to voice alert me to accidents and construction.
          I was in California going from LA to Bakersfield when the voice told me (and many others) to exit. It added an hour to my trip but saved me three!

  • Barton

    I take the LRT every day into Mpls. At least once a week I see a driver turning onto the tracks at either 5th & 2nd Ave or 5th & Nicollet. I’ve even seen drivers turn onto the tracks when there was a train right there!

    Don’t ask about how many people turn onto the one-way streets every day……

    • On 5th there is a right turn signal at Hennepin and an intersection before it (I forget which one), to go over the tracks. It freaks me out every time.

  • boB from WA

    I want to know how the cop got the car started and moved.