There’s money in moose turds

Mary Winchenbach gets excited when she sees “a moose take a turd.” Who doesn’t, Mary?

Her love of moose turds has made her an internet star after her story raced around the intertubes this week.

It started when a woman stumbled upon her wares at your basic Maine flea market.

Mary Winchenbach can fill all your poop needs @tirdyworks

Posted by Carol Richard on Friday, September 21, 2018

She makes art — and apparently a living (although her fulltime gig is at a seawood fertilizer plant) –from moose turds, and suddenly our career choice seems misguided.

Winchenbach, 57, started her business — Turdy Works — a decade ago, the Boston Globe says.

“People need to lighten up and chill out and have a good time, ” she says.

(h/t: Karna Bergstrom)