Reflection on our younger, dumber selves

We’ve never met Lee Sjolander, the police chief of Kenyon, Minn., and that’s something we’ve got to do something about one of these days. Nonetheless, we’ve made him the official police chief of NewsCut, and not just because of his ability to write and communicate with people, but his honesty in discussing his struggles over the years, almost as if he’s like the rest of us.

Today’s post — he regularly writes his essays on Facebook — is one such example.

Thoughts from Chief Sjolander… Turning in my “man card”…As I sit here this evening, researching yoga for older…

Posted by Kenyon (MN) Police Department on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

  • KariBemidji

    Thank you Chief Sjolander for turning in your man card. May our younger generations of men not be dealt such a toxic hand.

  • Barton

    Bob – I wonder if you can get him to do a guest stint when you are next on vacation? You still wouldn’t get to meet him, but we’d enjoy it…..

  • Well said Chief.

    /I think about that stuff all the time and tell people I really did n’t have a “clue” until I was in my mid-30’s.

  • Guest

    We indulge ourselves just cuz we want to, not because we think it is a good idea.

  • MarkUp

    Thank you for using your platform to amplify Chief Sjolander’s message. I really appreciate hearing this today.

  • John

    I don’t think he turned it in (which he claims in the first sentence, but then essentially retracts in the last one), but he rewrote his man card with the toxic bits of his youth largely removed, and bravo to him for doing so. Self reflection and thoughtful consideration of others (empathy?) are largely missing from the current traditional man card, and part of what makes the Kenyon PD FB page so wonderful is that the chief (and the others who post through it) provides a lot of both.

    I think there needs to be some sort of new/alternate definition for many men of what it means to be a man or be manly (or whatever), but I think the man card has been written for many decades focusing on exactly the sort of harmful attitudes and practices that he highlights as the way to be “most manly.”

    Telling men to turn in their “man card” is counterproductive. (How effective do you think it would be to tell you to change your definition of self?) Providing (and I hope living as) examples of what decent men can be (and therefore providing a way to rewrite the man card for others), and thus being a different definition of “man card” feels far more productive to me.

    So, to my fellow men – go out and be you, but don’t be a jerk about it. And try to have some appreciation for other points of view. There is not just one “right” answer to life, and if there is, do you really think that you, one person out of the 7 billion on earth, are the one who has it figured out?

  • Jay Sieling

    This is so well said. A serious reflection of masculinity and comes on the heals of “PapooseGate”

  • JamieHX

    “[O]fficial police chief of NewsCut” — love that! I also like that “Mrs. Chief” thing. Made me laugh out loud. Normally I’m not crazy about many uses of “Mrs.” but in this context, it’s really funny, just as when Bob wrote “Mrs. NewsCut” some time ago.

    I like Barton’s idea of a guest NewsCut post or two, but just sharing his Facebook posts here is good enough. Do you know if he reads NewsCut, Bob?