After arson, kids get down to business

CK Food & Fuel, at 48th and Nicollet is a frequent stop for Washburn High School students in Minneapolis, KARE 11 says. They’re pretty big fans of Martin Onuh, too.

“He would ask how your day is going, instead of you asking how his day is going,” said freshman Nyagach Kueth.

“If we didn’t have enough he would say, ‘Go ahead, pay the rest whenever you can,’” senior Deaven James said.

So when someone torched the business, which isn’t covered by insurance, they didn’t take it lying down.

They’ve raised almost the entire $15,000 goal to get him back in business in just two days.

Martin, who runs CK gas station by Washburn High School in Minneapolis MN had his gas station catch on Fire last night Sept. 29 2018.

Martin is the only person that works at this gas station. He works 12 hours days. Everyday for lunch students flood this gas station to get snacks and crack some jokes with Martin.

Martin always has a smile on his face and is always willing to talk about sports, school and life with the many kids he sees. Us as Washburn High School seniors don’t want to see Martin lose the place he worked so hard at.

Donations will go directly to Martin for the rebuild/repairs of his store or what ever he needs to get back on his feet. We want to see that smile from Martin again soon.

Because: kids today, eh?

  • Guest

    Is arson typically NOT covered by insurance?

    I find it hard to believe a business was operating without casualty insurance.

    • Insurance was owned by the landlord. Landlord gets the money

      • MCH

        First I am sympathetic for Mr. Onuh and very impressed by the students. I am 50 + years and I get really tired of my generation complaining about “kids these days”. However, he really does need to get his own insurance. We are a business that rents from a landlord and in the event of a fire we have our own coverage–just like renters insurance for individuals. Hopefully someone can coach him on this for the future. I see this lack of insurance a lot in small business fire/flood stories. I know it can be a cost, but the alternative is a lot worse.

        • Nikki

          Unfortunately, according to the Kare 11 article, his insurance policy was canceled after a series of break-ins. Maybe he couldn’t get a different policy?

          • Jack

            Or the premiums are unaffordable due to his risk rating.

  • 212944

    The kids are alright.