Who killed Shyra?

Let there be a special place in hell for the people who kill a dog.

It happened at Enger Tower in Duluth on Saturday when David Brazeau, his dog, Shyra in tow, stopped to read the historical marker. Then he heard a thud and his wife’s scream, KARE 11 reports.

Someone had dropped a rock on his dog.

David says his first instinct was to run up the stairs and find out who was responsible, but when he picked his dog up he felt her heart was still beating.

He and Jillianna ran down the path to their parked car with the intention of taking Shyra to an emergency vet to save her life, but when they got to the parking lot the little dog had already passed from her injuries.

At that point they called police and went back to the tower in hopes of identifying the person who killed their dog. They recalled a suspicious man who had walked up in back of them and pointed him out to police, but David says that man told officers he believed the dog had fallen off the tower.

So the person is still out there somewhere. The couple is warning people about Enger Tower.

Today my heart is completely broken… I had to say bye to my baby girl. If you know one thing about me, you know that I…

Posted by Jillianna Brazeau on Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Coon Rapids couple tells KARE they realize that unless the person starts bragging about his accomplishment, he likely won’t be caught.

  • This is in the same category of mindless juvenile stupidity as dropping objects from overpasses. The consequences can be deadly, but impulsiveness overrides logic and it’s “bombs away”. I hope whoever did this remembers it for a lifetime.

    • RBHolb

      If he–and I’m prepared to bet it’s a “he”–remembers it at all it will be to recall it with a chuckle. “You should have seen it!”

      A person who would do this has no shame.

  • kevins

    Rotten thing to do on several different levels. God loves little dogs…some mortal is going to pay.

  • The Resistance

    I hope the DPD follows up on this. Animal abuse is often a first sign of even more disturbing and violent behaviors.

    If there is one thing people of all political stripes can agree on, it ought to be that animal abuse laws and treatment options for abusers need to be strengthened.

  • AL287

    This is the guy you want to keep your teens away from.

    If it is a teen, he/she will brag to friends about it and hopefully one of them will do the right thing and turn the little low life into the police.

    The sad thing is the “right thing” is not as clearly defined as it once was and gets more blurred with each passing day.

    A pet is a family member and the pain of losing one is just as intense.

    Condolences to the Brazeau’s on the loss of their beloved dog.

  • Postal Customer

    So the rock hit the dog but could have just as easily hit a person?