Shoveling sand against the tide, and Hurricane Florence

We admit to being shameless hurricane voyeurs, repeatedly clicking webcam images from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

At this point, there’s little human activity on any of them. Just the ocean trying to wipe out any evidence of an allegedly advanced civilization.

Except for this one at Rodanthe, N.C., where a solitary person went off to work Thursday to shovel sand against the tide, offering up beach houses as a sacrifice to the ocean gods along highway 12.

Will it work? We won’t know until Friday morning. High tide occurs a little after midnight, invisible to the prying eyes of the North Carolina Department of Transportation webcams.

(h/t: Michael Flynn)

  • Such a shame. I had a great vacation at OBX a few years ago. So much history there.

  • JamieHX

    I’m not sure I’m understanding this. The tractor-thingy is pushing sand along the side of the highway so the highway doesn’t get flooded, which causes more water to stay around/cause flooding around the houses?

    • They dont’ care about the houses. I presume they’re actually trying to protect the dunes on this side of the highway.

      • Joseph

        And protect the highway from from erosion at the surface that you drive on, as well as the subsurface that supports all the weight of the roadway and its occupants.

      • boB from WA

        //”…offering up beach houses as a sacrifice to the ocean gods along highway 12.”

        The houses will also act as a buffer from any erosion.

  • The Resistance

    So sick of seeing people putting themselves in dangerous situations which often result in rescue teams having to put their lives in danger to save those living in the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • Jack

    You know what are you betting when you have an oceanfront property.

    My abode here in MN is high on a hill with no nearby water source yet I have flood insurance since the lot next door was regraded to send water towards the south.

    Policy may never be used (I sure hope not) but I’m helping pay the claims for the coastal properties.

  • Guest

    “I have a right to build in silly places and have others pay for the expected damage”