On the campaign trail, Wisconsin’s racism is showing

In Madison, someone called the cops because a candidate for state assembly was knocking on doors looking for votes. She was “suspicious,” and by “suspicious,” the complainant actually meant “black.”

How else to explain the story of Sheila Stubbs who was caught red-handed with her campaign literature the other day, CBS reports.

She was in her car with her 8-year-old suspicious looking daughter when the cops arrived.

“‘Well, how do you know what doors to knock on?'” Stubbs said the officer asked.

“And I said, the walk list. And she said, ‘Can I see it?’ And I said, sure, here you go, and then she said, ‘I’m really sorry that that happened to you,'” Stubbs said.

Stubbs didn’t get to talk to the man who called the cops on her, but she has a message for him.

“I am now your representative,” she said.

She’s running unopposed.