Brewer giving up on north Minneapolis

It can be easy for people to give up on north Minneapolis. Just ask a craft brewery owner, who has decided to move his business after another weekend of violence in the neighborhood, KARE 11 reports.

“Four people shot. Four. And that’s what I wake up to on Saturday morning,” Kevin Welch, owner of Boom Island Brewing Co., tells the station. “Seven years trying to pull off this business, in this neighborhood. And things haven’t gotten better.”

Violent crime has dropped in the last 12 years in the neighborhood around 21st and Washington, though, KARE says.

Welch tells City Pages he’s not seeing it.

“I’m not going to risk our employees dodging bullets,” he said. “It’s not gonna change anytime soon.”

“The work the coalition has been doing… in general, crime is down on the north side,” John Bueche, a community organizer, said. “And we’re totally in sync with the city’s goal of trying to do investment without displacement. Trying to do comprehensive development for the residents of the community that already live here.”

Welch says the neighborhood is a “wonderful place with many good people.” But he’s out.

“How much worse can it get when you leave on Friday night, and there’s bullets flying around?” Welch tells City Pages.

  • Gary F

    I used to work on N 2nd St, just blocks from there in the early 2000’s. I wouldn’t go down there at night with a few beers in me then, or now.

  • catcherman

    It’s a great brewery. I hope they’re able to find a better home that makes the employees and patrons feel more secure.

  • I’m just saying….

    That’s really too bad. That area is tough….especially when the front of your business is pretty much in an alleyway. Its interesting that Pyres can be only a couple of blocks away and have a thriving business – oh yeah – and Utepils a little further away – oh and the soon to be open La Doña Cervecería. Well – NOMI certainly isn’t for everybody, that is for sure – but I was taught that you can’t change the what’s wrong in the world from the sidelines. I wish them luck in the suburbs or wherever they move to.

    • QuietBlue

      Pyres is about 3/4 of a mile away, not a couple of blocks, and the other two places are in a completely different neighborhood at least a mile and a half away, so I don’t think they’re the best comparisons. Situations can change drastically in a short distance.