Video: The art of capturing a bat

The Minnesota Health Department told us something Tuesday that we did not know: August is the agency’s peak month for calls about bats — and possibly rabid bats.

Happily, the agency has produced a smart, easily understandable video that could save you some heartache next time you’re wondering what to do when you encounter a bat.

Spoiler alert: Do not try to hit the bat with a bat or capture it in a fish net, or swat at it with a broom in mid-air. Just don’t.

  • >>and possibly rapid bats.<<

    Aren't they ALL pretty fast?

  • Gary F
    • Jay Sieling

      Vacuum cleaner works well too

  • Glsai

    The few times I’ve encountered bats, the best way I found to get rid of them was to open the windows in the room, and turn on the lights. Bats aren’t blind, they will fly around a bit, find the open window and free themselves.

  • The Resistance

    Better yet, build or buy a bat house so they have a place to live. They can eat 1000 mosquitos in an hour. They’re fun to watch in the evening and they keep the chupacabras away.

    • jon

      I didn’t even know chupacabra made it this far north…. Global warming?

      • The Resistance

        They’re avenging the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo.

  • JamieHX

    I’m sorry, I can’t even read this story. I have lived in bat-infested houses twice in my life (once in the ‘burbs and once in Mpls/Uptown), and they totally creep me out. I was bitten by one in the house in the ‘burbs, and one hit me in the head as I drifted off to sleep in the Mpls. house. Those are just the times when they made physical contact. Their presence made life very unpleasant and though we tried dozens of things to get rid of them, we never were able to do so. We just had to move.

  • jon

    The one time I had a bat in the house opened the door and left the house… Came back in a door well away from where it was flying and closed doors to ensure it was trapped in a room with a door open to the outside…. It got the idea….

    I was alone at the time so no one can say for sure if I was screaming like a little girl and if that had any effect on the bat leaving.