Here’s a triple play you don’t see every century

It’s been 106 years since there’s been a triple play in baseball in which one of the outs was not the batter.

That streak ended last night when the Angels had the bases loaded and nobody out.

Taylor Ward, the runner on third, thought thirdbaseman Jurickson Profar had caught the ball, so he scampered back to the base.

But Profar hadn’t caught it, so he stepped on third to force the runner coming from second. Ward started heading home and was tagged out. That’s two outs.

Profar threw to second to force the runner coming from first, but secondbaseman Rougned Odor thought Profar had caught the ball, meaning David Fletcher would be out so there’s no force place at second), so he ran runner Kole Calhoun and tagged him out.

He didn’t need to. Calhoun was already out.

This is why baseball is confusing to teach to a novice. Even the players often don’t know what’s going on.

  • Sam M

    My 9th grade basketball coach turned an unassisted triple play for his minor league Cincinnati Reds team. Chuck Engel was a good man.

  • Rob

    There was a cool triple play in a Seattle v Rays game in 2008. The ball was never put in play; the batter took a called third strike, the runner trying to steal second was thrown out, and the runner trying to steal home was then thrown out.

  • Al

    That was awesome.