Fundraiser exceeds goal for family with vandalized ice cream truck

KARE 11 reports an immigrant from Ecuador, who raised enough money to buy her own ice cream truck, was attacked at a park in northeast Minneapolis last month by a person who slashed the tires on the business.

“Said we were illegal and that we were parked illegally and that we were illegal and he just started to swear at us and then he took out a pocket knife and stabbed our tire,” said Rosa Chunchi’s daughter, Gina, 13.

Mayor Jacob Frey was riding his bike in the park at the time. He started a GoFundMe page for the Chunchis, KARE said.

“I don’t care what’s happening on the national level, here in Minneapolis we want to be a beacon of hope and inclusivity and progress. We want to be a welcoming city for everyone,” said Frey.

By this morning, the fundraiser had exceeded its goal.

  • jon

    Wonder if the attacker appreciates the irony after the fact that they are a wanted criminal (destruction of property), whereas the ice cream truck operators are not.

    I suspect they don’t… I suspect instead they still feel like they are the victims, despite their felonious actions…

    • RBHolb

      “I shouldn’t have done it, but gosh darn it, I just get so mad at all those people coming up here, taking our jobs and going on welfare.”

      And from the audience: “He shouldn’t have done it, but I can understand why he did.”

      • jon

        Ah so the fox news interview with the attacker has already aired?


      • lindblomeagles

        And yet, all that man had to do, was save his own money, and buy his own ice cream truck. America. Land of Opportunity. If you take it instead of hating immigrants.

  • Jerry

    A reminder that when people say they are opposed to illegal immigration they are actually saying they hate hispanics, because in their mind all hispanics are “illegal immigrants” and all “illegal immigrants” are Hispanic. You don’t see people in this country reacting this way to European immigrants.

    • lindblomeagles

      Well said Jerry. Well said.

  • Credit Warrior

    Good article. People helping people.