A moment on Madeline Island

Oh, nothing. Just a bear swimming to Madeline Island.

Even the bears are excited to get to Madeline Island!Thank to Tina Green for sharing this incredible video.

Posted by Madeline Island on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tina Green captured video of the bear off the shore of the island.

  • John

    Must not have had enough cash on hand to cover the ferry.

    • That and bear suits usually don’t have pockets…

      • John

        Needs a nice purse.

        • X.A. Smith

          Fanny packs are back in.

  • Joseph

    While its cool to see wild animals like that, please please please give them their space and don’t try to get so close. Especially in a heavy power boat with a sharp propeller which can make a wake (which makes swimming much more difficult) even at slow speeds 😛

  • Ben Chorn

    Bears are pretty good at swimming, and can become a nuisance. I remember hearing about problems with them breaking into sailboats to get food in the Apostle Islands.

  • lindblomeagles

    Always cool to see nature doing what nature does best. That’s just a very encouraging thing to see.