A Minnesota crop duster’s lucky landing

I don’t really understand how this happened either. Should’ve studied physics.

What’s certain is that 21-year-old pilot had luck on his side Thursday morning when making an emergency landing with his crop duster north of Watkins, Minn.

Whoever made the call to the Stearns County sheriff must’ve been a little surprised. They told dispatch there was a plane’s tail sticking out of the rows of corn.

Jonathan Aslesen, the pilot, told authorities his engine stalled as he was wrapping up a dusting of the field’s crops. He denied medical care.

The plane experienced “light damage,” according to the incident report.

Maybe Bob Collins — MPR’s in-house flying expert — can explain this once he’s back on the blog. But for now, you’re stuck with me.

(h/t Paul Tosto)

  • A perfect one-point landing.

  • BJ


  • Guest

    OK, I am curious just what the FAA thinks needs to be re-verified as air-worthy. I would not want any plane flying over cities and homes that ONLY the operator was thinking it was “good enough”.

  • jon

    Plane was moving relatively slowly when it came to a stop in that position… If it wasn’t there would be more damage.

    Probably was going very slow in the air and the corn slowed it more before it got the ground, then the ground not being even cause the wheels to slow/stop before the upper part of the plane, flipping it upward came to a stand still standing on its nose…

    At least that is the physics as I see it… You’d have to ask Bob if he was lucky or if this is some sort of skill…