The Twins’ problem? They’re boring

The Minnesota Twins return to Target Field tonight after a disastrous road trip. Abandon all hope, ye who enter. It’s over.

Division leader Cleveland has played mediocre baseball all season, and they now have a 12-game lead over the Twins.

The trade deadline is coming at the end of the month and, according to local baseball scribes, the Twins will be selling players, which is a little surprising because they don’t have many players anyone who’s in a pennant race needs enough to give up much for.

It’s going to be ugly at Target Field for the rest of the season, unfortunately.

What could make a visit there more entertaining? Some personality would help.

The Twins not only have too many mediocre players; they have too many players with zero personality on the field. It’s just the Twins way.

What the Twins need is someone like Keon Broxton of the Milwaukee Brewers, who robbed the soon-to-be-traded Brian Dozier of a home run in the ninth inning and then didn’t mind showing how happy he was to do so.

Personality doesn’t make up for winning, of course. But why would anyone want to show up for a baseball game if the players don’t look like they’re all that interested in being there and find losing to be entirely acceptable?

Maybe Carlos Gomez can be had.

  • Vince Tuss

    I’d be happy with hits and runs to start …

    • Let’s not get greedy here.

      • Vince Tuss

        I saw Lindor drive in the same number of runs in one game in KC as the Twins scored in three games against the Brewers.

    • Jerry

      That’s not the Twins Way. Singles followed by hitting into double plays is the only way to do it.

    • Jeff

      What’s with the whining? They’re a solid 20th in runs per game.

      • I feel like restoring the Hormel Row of Fame and jingle would be a step in the right direction.

  • Erik Petersen

    what, you don’t like watching Lance Lynn pout his way through 5 innings?

  • Jeff

    The most exciting (excited?) Twin not on the field is TC Bear. What have we got to lose?

    Years ago at the Metrodome before the game they had a softball home run contest between fans and TC Bear. The fans were no match, the bear rocketed pitch after pitch into the stands.

  • Rob

    If the Twins finish above .400, I’ll be gobsmacked.

  • Gary F

    It’s been tough. I watched the first night on the last road stand against the White Sox and my forehead and palm of my hand hurt.

    The nights we get pitching, we can’t buy a hit. The nights we get hitting, we can’t pitch.

    I was damn certain that we had to lock in Dozier this spring, and not sure anymore. Escobar is a free agent. You know why their old teams didn’t sign Morrison or Lynn.

    I’ll be in Toronto for my yearly road trip. I wonder who will still be on the team?

    • Mike Worcester

      //I wonder who will still be on the team?

      I said something very similar to my better half recently as we contemplated seeing a game in the next couple of weeks.

      • My motto:

        “Come for the baseball. Stay for the ushers.”

        • Jeff

          Do you juggle?

    • Jack Ungerleider

      Actually the Cardinals did make the qualifying offer to Lance Lynn. He turned it down because he thought his market value was above the QO’s $17.4 million. When he signed with the Twins for $12 million for the one year there was considerable bandwidth spent on how he should have taken the Cardinals offer. (There are many Twins fans at this point who are wishing he had.)

      The expectation out there was that if there was no trade market for Dozier at the deadline that the Twins would make him the QO and dare him to go the Free Agent route. Now they might not do it because he might not be worth whatever this years QO is. (At least last years $17.4M)

  • Eric

    Broxton should be happy he did that in the 9th, I’m sure his celebrating hurt the Twins’ feelings and they would have thrown at him in adherence to some imagined unwritten rule, if they’d had the chance.

    • JamieHX

      I thought it could have hurt Broxton’s arm. Hope it’s ok.

  • Postal Customer

    They’re not a relevant team, and they don’t appear to aspire to relevance.

    I follow the Brewers much more, and they’re still hanging tough in July, which is something for them.

    • Rob

      “The Irrelevants” – that’d look cool on team jerseys.

  • JamieHX

    What a catch!! Except for the stakes not being as great, that’s right up there with Kirby Pucket’s leap to catch the ball in one of the World Series games back in — I THINK ’91 (could’ve been the earlier Series; my memory’s shot).
    I was hoping we would see some footage during that video, of Dozier bowing graciously to Broxton.

  • Joe

    I mean they play baseball, so it’s kind of redundant to call them boring.

  • blindeke

    being “boring” slash not playing the game of baseball well?

  • MrE85

    I attended one of those boring games on Saturday, which didn’t turn out to be boring at all. Sure, Baltimore is terrible, but the weather was perfect, and both teams had their moments.