Minor league team’s ‘Millennial Night’ falls flat

That the St. Paul Saints, who clinched first place in promotion smarts years ago, haven’t had a Millennial Night, is likely not an oversight. The franchise knows a third-rail when it sees one.

Have you met Alabama’s Montgomery Biscuits?

Participation ribbons, naps, and selfie stations? Oh, fer cute!

It isn’t going over that well.

Because nothing says “baseball” like generational warfare.

It’s bad marketing, as Yahoo Sports Liz Roscher notes. You don’t get people to come to your business by alienating them.

The theme night may be meant as a joke, but it’s tough to swallow regardless. Millennials (the oldest of whom are nearing 40) still live in a world that’s largely controlled by baby boomers. It’s the worst kind of punching down. Millennials get unfairly blamed for a lot of things, like the death of napkins (paper towels work fine, by the way), and are constantly maligned for getting married late and having fewer kids (or not having kids at all).

All of that is a result of a tough economic landscape, and it’s even more difficult to deal with because the people in power constantly tell millennials that they’re not trying hard enough, that it was better in their day, and their troubles are exclusively their own fault and no one else’s. It’s just needlessly mean, and trivializes the very real issues that millennials are dealing with, issues that have been largely overlooked by those in power.

A better idea to attract millennials? How about a “No Baby Boomers Allowed” Night? Or a “Baby Boomers Get In Free and Millennials Will Pay For their Handout” Night? That announcement would at least quiet down the old-timers who are wondering what the Millennials “whining” is all about? It’s about you and the future you selfishly ruined, sir.

“Eighty percent of our office are millennials, me included,” Mike Murphy, VP of corporate and fan engagement for the Biscuits, tells AdWeek. “We’re just trying to have fun with it, have a good time with the cliches with the way people feel about millennials.”

“We thought this would be fun,” he says. “Something got lost in the sarcasm, possibly.”

No apology is planned, he says.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)

  • Postal Customer

    They nailed it.

    Wait…checking replies…confirmed. They nailed it.

  • Al
  • Gary F

    Better have snap back ball caps so the man-buns can go out the back.

    • Barton

      they’d have those anyway, no one seems to know their hat size anymore (5 3/4s).

      and the caps with elastic on the back never fit right….

    • Jerry

      Man buns go more towards the top of the head, not the back. They would need visors.

      • Erik Petersen

        like chick softball players?

        • Al

          …chickens and baseball? I don’t get it.


        • Jerry
        • >>like chick softball players?<<

          Your misogyny is showing.

          • Erik Petersen

            Nah. I love chick softball players. Having spoken approvingly before of male millennial ballplayers in a prior response, I still think the man bun thing is an abomination.

          • >> I still think the man bun thing is an abomination.<<


            RE: "Chick": Without context, the word "chick" used as a term for female can be construed as being rather dismissive and derogatory.

          • Jerry

            I’ll take the “man-bun” over the “nazi youth” hair cut.

          • JamieHX

            Yeah, what’s up with that haircut? Ick.

          • JamieHX

            I was going to say that that’s akin to Trump saying “I love all my black people,” but that’s not quite right, and I think it’s actually worse to say “I love chick softball players.”

  • Nato Coles

    I’m 38. I wasn’t sure if I was a Gen Xer or a Millenial until Pew issued its divine ruling those months ago. Regardless, I have two thoughts, two very strongly-held opinions to share with you all:
    1. This country would be in a hell of a lot better shape if only people 37 and under had voted in the 2016 election (especially the primaries, ahem), and 2. Baseball is the greatest game known to planet earth, and minor/indy/townball/etc league baseball GAMES are the most fun baseball games to attend.
    Bob’s comment about the Saints probably knowing a “third rail” is spot on.

    • >>Baseball is the greatest game known to planet earth<>and minor/indy/townball/etc league baseball GAMES are the most fun baseball games to attend.<<

      But this part is spot on.

  • wjc

    I wish we could put a stake in the heart of these generation designations. They are completely useless, IMHO. I think people and their behaviors are slightly more complicated than can be accounted for by a label that is placed on those with birth dates in a 2-decade span, dontcha think?

    • Jack

      And so arbitrary. Depending on the source, I might be a Baby Boomer or a Gen X. I personally identify as a Boomer – have way more in common with that stereotype. 😉

    • JamieHX

      I agree. And I’m especially tired of younger people blaming all boomers for everything bad in the world.

  • Erik Petersen

    I’m 49, I have for years played in a men’s baseball league that is very Minneapolis centric. Its not the Park National or Riverview, and having a little bit less a barrier to entry than those, you would not believe how popular this league is with what I’d call hipster urban males. Like say, 40 teams full of them.

    These millennial fellas compete and are not very Trumpy / MAGA. FWIW

    • Nato Coles

      I would upvote this a million times if I could… but then Kris Kobach would be all over NewsCut chasing “voter fraud”

    • Playing and watching are two different things though…

  • Kassie

    Somewhere in the middle of all this is us Gen Xers are just shaking our heads as we are ignored again.

    • So in that sense, every game is “Gen X Night”. :*)

    • At least people know what a “GenXer” is. Try being my mother’s generation, stuck between the “Greatest” and the “Boomers”…a truly “Silent” generation.

      /”Generation Jones” here…don’t lump me in with the Boomers, please.

    • Jerry

      Look, if they listened to us, we would be drowning in movies and tv shows based on 80s nostalgia. (Cough, cough)

  • RBHolb

    You know your “joke” was a failure when the angry responses are funnier.

  • jon

    Millennials are killing millennial night.