Military mom reunited with son at Target Field

It’d be OK with us if we never needed to see another military parent reunited with their children after time away.

But as long as that’s never likely to be possible, we can’t get enough of moms and dads coming home.

  • Gary F

    A great day at the ballpark yesterday. Bob were you in left field? Or did you go below to avoid the heat?

    The local nine hit a few out, hopefully going home in some kid’s hands.

    • I worked an elevator next to Gate 29 on Sunday. I was more than happy to do so. On Saturday, took tickets on Gate 34, attempting to move to stay in the moving shade. Then worked Sections 107 and 108 while covering people on breaks. Lots of people in the first rows moved to the concourse to get out of the sun. Friday I worked Gate 3 (on the sidewalk, telling people to remove cellphones and keys from pockets. Props to the guy walking by who said, “hey, you’re the MPR guy!”) , then Section 216 (Behind the Two Gingers pub). That was pretty much a perfect evening for baseball.

      • Gary F

        I was in Delta Legends, nice spot on hot day, and took a stroll looking for you. Does Dana M still work at the ballpark as some sort of customer relations supervisor?

  • Al

    I love how she goes straight into mom mode helping him get his gear off before more hugs. Moms never stop momming.