Lottery winner threatens to sue nephew for his share

It didn’t take long for the lives to change for winners of a lottery in Nova Scotia.

It was all going predictably well when a woman and her nephew showed up to claim the $1.2 million lottery jackpot on Thursday.

They posed for the obligatory photo with a big check.

But then the organization running the lottery to raise money for fire trucks gave them the two checks you can actually cash, each for about $600,000.

That’s when family warfare broke out.

“I’m taking him to court. I’m getting a lawyer tomorrow. Now you can print that,” Barbara Reddick of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, said of her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis.

Both names were on the winning ticket. The nephew says they had a deal to split the pot.

“Yes, we did,” he said.

“He’s lying,” Reddick said.

“I put his name on the ticket for good luck because he’s like a son to me — he was,” she said. “He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars.”