Hogs on the highway in Mankato

If the hogs in Mankato, Minn., were smart, they’d have made a run for it Wednesday when the semitrailer they were in crashed on U.S. Highway 169.

Alas, hogs aren’t that smart.

Pigs on Highway 169

Here's another look at the pigs enjoying their stroll along Highway 169 by the Highway 14 exit ramps.http://www.keyc.com/story/38674506/pigs-roam-after-semi-loses-control-at-14169-interchange

Posted by KEYC News 12 on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

There were 20 to 30 hogs in the semi, according to KEYC. It overturned on a ramp from U.S. Highway 14.

The Mankato Free Press says highway cones and plastic fencing were used to corral the hogs that roamed the highway, oblivious to their future.

  • MrE85
  • chlost

    At first read, I was thinking this was a story about motorcyclists. The baby boomer on the road type of thing.
    Oh, well, real hogs are bit messier and noisier, but still interesting when a bunch of them are on the road.

  • Finally some news from my home town.

    • Jack

      Hey neighbor!

      Looks like this was near the McDonald’s and Happy Chef. Should have been State Patrol in the area since they (at least in the ’80’s) ate at the Happy Chef.

      Fresh meat at the eateries!

  • Robert

    Drive by bacon!

  • The Resistance

    Actually, pigs are really smart. They’re social, trainable, and responsive to consistent and positive training. My grandma had a runt (‘Porky’..not very original) at her farm and it was one of the most lovable pets I remember from my childhood. And, yeah, I probably ate some of his siblings at the time although I never really made the connection.

    I know this is intended to be a lighthearted “this or that” story, but it might not be if the truck were full of dogs who were oblivious to their future. Many of us learned from from Gus Kenworthy that Beemo and 2 million+ dogs were being raised for human consumption in S. Korea.

    And, yes, I already know I’m a killjoy. I’ll move along now and I pre-apologize for making you think of this while enjoying your next BLT.

    Which also begs the question…what was the meat in the McDLT? Woof! 😉