Fernando Rodney, citizen

There was a real mystery involved in yesterday’s Twins-Rays game at Target Field.

Why did manager Paul Molitor bring in his closer, Fernando Rodney, to pitch in the fifth inning?

It was because Rodney had someplace to be .

“To be honest with you it wasn’t about being overly strategic,” Molitor told 1500ESPN. “It wasn’t something that we really talked about before the game, but he needs to be in Miami for an immigration hearing tomorrow morning. He had a flight that he had to catch and all that kind of stuff so we had postponed it a couple of times, trying to get it a time that was more feasible, but it turned out tomorrow was the only day and so [we] got him in the game a little earlier.”

Being accommodating could’ve cost the Twins.

They blew a lead in the ninth; that’s Rodney’s inning, but by then he’d already left for this morning’s meeting with immigration officials.

When he returns after the All Star break, he’ll bring something with him: citizenship.

  • Erik Petersen

    He’s terrific, I wish he’d be around after this season

    • It’s always going to be a roller coaster with Rodney. Once people accept that, it becomes a little easier.

      In other news, Eddie Rosario is fast becoming my favorite baseball player — and I follow a team that has Frankie Lindor. I love the way he engages with fans in left field, particularly kids. More players should.

      • Bridget L.

        We were sitting close to him yesterday (before the sun and heat drove us to the upper deck and shade) and I yelled out “Let’s go Rosie” and we made eye contact. It was a wonderful thing.

        • What section were you in?

          • Bridget L.

            We were in 125, great seats, just too much sun for too long. We moved, while not as close, to really great seats. But to be honest, I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house, just some are a little bit closer to the field.

          • Ah. I was the usher in 126 . And you’re right. There were no bad seats in that place.

          • Bridget L.

            All the shaded seats in our section were full by the end of third. I couldn’t believe that some were able to bear it that long.
            To sit through the whole game.

          • We we’re putting people in Legends this weekend to get them out of the heat

  • AmiSchwab


  • merry_rose

    Congratulations Fernando!

  • Jack Ungerleider

    I was wondering if that was part of it. When your up against the All-Star break the guys not going to “the game” are scattering for a few days of R&R. Sometimes you need to get someplace a little earlier. It seems to me this reason is as good as any and better than most.

    Once we went to extra innings I figure it had to favor the Twins. They still had some pitchers to bring in. I will never forget seeing a game between the Reds and Cubs at Wrigley in 1977. Being a NY kid and a Mets fan, we were supposed to see the recently traded Tom Seaver pitch for Cincinnati. He was a late scratch, I believe it was the dreaded “flu like symptoms”. From what I remember it was reported that Seaver was the only pitcher not used that day. Baseball reference implies that might not be the case. But the crazy thing is that (again according to Baseball Reference) the Cubs and Reds played 4 games in 3 days (Single game Tuesday, double header on Wednesday, the game I saw was on Thursday.) The Cubs split the double header and won the two single games. The crazy thing is that Rick Reuschel was the winning pitcher on Tuesday and Thursday. He started Tuesday pitching a complete game and pitched the top of the 13th on Thursday as the Cubs scored in the bottom of the inning to win 16-15.

  • Gary F

    Rodney puts Rolaids in the candy dish in the ninth inning like many a past Twins closers.

    I like the guy. He wears the brim of his had crooked because his dad, a fisherman, wore it at an angle as the sun changed position in the sky. He does the archer thing, because there is an area in his home town called La Fletcha, the arrow. And he wants to become an American.

    It still amazes me how guys like Rodney, or even Big Sexy, can keep being competitive in their 40’s against these young stud ball players. I gives me a better respect for the skill and talent, and not just speed or strength.

  • United States

    And THAT, my dear illegal aliens, and liberal supporters of all things illegal, is how it is done!

    Good to see someone going about it the legal way.

    Congratulations Rodney! America is happy to have you!