Bill filed to allow Packers fans on MN border to watch their team

It may be comforting to some people to know that no matter how close the country seems to falling apart, the democratic process still works.

If by democratic process you mean that politicians in an election-year fight can still file silly and useless legislation to appeal to their voters.

Take Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin, for example.

Burnett, Washburn, Polk, Barron, St. Croix, Dunn and Pierce counties are part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul media market. Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, Iron and Sawyer counties are in the Duluth media market. Florence County is in the Marquette, Michigan, market and gets Lions games.

The bill would require cable, satellite and other video providers to provide their Wisconsin subscribers with access to programming from the broadcast television stations in a Wisconsin media market.

It also ignores that a lot of her constituents in the Vikings media market that extends into Wisconsin are Vikings fans.

Her legislation will never be spoken of again, and never see the light of day in the U.S. Senate. But that’s hardly the point of filing it.

  • Jay T. Berken

    My moment of zen. I know the NFL has its ills but the concept of the Packers gives me an escape.

  • Senator Baldwin does appeal to the “common man” in this sort of ad, stunt though it may be. I say do whatever she needs to do to bring Wisconsin around. Their other senator, Ron Johnson, cheerfully tweeted his Independence Day message while he was on the GOP Russia tour:

    • >>Ron Johnson, cheerfully tweeted his Independence Day message while he was on the GOP Russia tour<<


      I noticed this morning that Scott Walker is backpedaling faster than someone trying to cover Adam Thielen regarding his meeting that Russian spy, which gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  • X.A. Smith

    Any bill that would decrease the amount of complaining from Packers fans is worth an up or down vote.

    • Jerry

      Because complaining is more of a Vikings’ fan tradition. Packers’ fans are more about irrational overconfidence.

      • X.A. Smith

        Ah, but what could lead to complaint more than irrational overconfidence?

  • subtleshimmer

    Until the late lamented Stillwater radio station went off the air this spring, we Wisconsinites in exile could at least listen on the radio. I’ve been waiting for some savvy twin cities media outlet to pick up the Packers torch, but who would have thought a politician would come to our rescue…quixotic though her attempt may be.

    • Postal Customer

      You can get the River Falls station with a decent FM antenna (if you have one of those!)

      I just stream the games.

  • John

    Possibly related: Can government mandate what is shown on TV? I thought freedom of the press and all that.

    Requiring a business (which both the TV networks and the NFL are) to provide certain services in certain areas feels very anti-american to me as well (I mean, what happened to rights of the business owner to refuse service to people they don’t want to serve?).

    • First amendment protections do not fully extend to broadcasters as they are licensed and regulated by the government.

      • subtleshimmer

        Licensed and regulated to a much higher degree than bakeries.

      • John

        I’m aware, but I was always under the assumption that was more of a “you are not allowed to show xyz,” vs. “you must show all football games by this team in this market.”

        Being told you can’t show certain things is much different (in my mind anyways) from being told you must show certain other things.