Bad dog! Whiskey makes a break for it

We are of the opinion that Whiskey would’ve gone back inside a Spring Lake Park home the minute Whiskey wanted to, but props to the Spring Lake Park – Blaine – Mounds View Fire Department anyway.

The department reports on its Facebook page that Whiskey pushed the screen out of the second floor window and went for a short walk, to the consternation of the woman who was dog-sitting for her son.

Why didn’t Whiskey go back inside? Whiskey didn’t want to, of course. And the window was too high for the pup.

Tough break, Whiskey.

  • Gary F
  • AL287

    Dogs are okay, but cats are a lot less trouble than a St. Bernard.

    They don’t have to be walked. They are easier to house train. They can be left on their own for a weekend if you want to have a quick getaway and bathing is optional.

    And they aren’t big enough to push out a second floor window screen.

    I do admit, however they can get themselves stuck in high places.

    • John

      My cat has pushed out two screens so far this spring. I expect now that he knows how to do it, no window is safe.

      My dog has pushed out no screens ever. But, he does have to be run. . .

      • AL287

        Your cat must be a large breed like a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat (a Wegie as they are fondly called).

        These cats have been known to turn on flat handled water faucets to play in the stream of water or to drink from it.

        They are more like dogs than cats. You can train them to walk on a leash.

        I think I’d get stronger screens or strategic placement of double-sided, anti-clawing tape.

        • John

          He’s big and orange (16-18 lbs I’d guess) – No obvious Coon or Wegie from his look, but rescue cats are always mysteries. Our last cat was half Maine Coon, half sneaky neighbor cat, and far more dog-like than this guy.

          He doesn’t claw, at least not the screens (the couch on the other hand. . . ) He just has a powerful lean to him – leans against things, and they sometimes move out of his way.

  • Sonny T

    A package of wieners would have got him inside.

  • joetron2030

    Hey, Bob, sorry to be “that person”, but minor correction. It should be “Spring Lake Park” not “Spring Lake”.


    Grew up in Mounds View. 🙂

  • Rachel Kahler

    I thought this might be a story on a new distillery.