Where am I and what am I doing?

Posting will be light on Friday as I am on the road working on a piece for next week.

It’s all a big mystery and very hush-hush unless you listen to the podcast about NewsCut Stephanie Curtis cranks out every afternoon.

But here’s a clue. Take your best shot.

  • Joe

    Taking down, or building, a fence.

  • Erik Petersen

    Taking scrap to one of the yards on Concord

  • You are taking up fencing. En garde!

  • Gary F

    The launching posts that were supposed to be used for the St Paul fireworks?

  • Joseph

    Gone polling? 😉

  • Ben Chorn

    Rebuilding a baseball field/fence?

  • Leroy

    There’s a newscut podcast?? Please, share the details so those of us unenlightened folks can listen in.

    • The MPR News Update — updated several times a day — is a NewsCut conversation with me and Steph Curtis.

      Also available on Alexa by adding the MPR News “skill”

      • Al

        You Boomers and your fancy tech. Yeesh. 😉

        • Jerry

          Back in my day, we had to download podcasts off iTunes.

          • Guest

            BY CRACKY said in old man voice 🙂

  • Al

    Building the world’s least safe playground.

  • tarry_on

    Contemplating the pile of old fence posts behind the garage … Should I sell it for scrap or make a beautiful found-object sculpture? Hmm

  • PaulK

    So this is what happened to Line 3 and why it needs replacement.

  • Guest

    Posts are for putting in a dock.

  • boB from WA

    Those are drainage pipes. My guess: something to do with agriculture and how farm fields are used. Maybe Bob will become a farmer. After all he is man outstanding in his field.

    • JonasGrumby


  • Jerry

    Looks like posts for a chain link fence, so I’m guessing something townball related.

  • The Resistance

    Maces to be used in the upcoming civil war redux?

  • chlost

    No matter, I just hope you are staying cool.

  • mnboy67

    Debating whether it’s worth your time to move it and mow that spot or wait until fall when the grass all dies anyway.

  • [Update]- So far, nobody is close. Not. Close. Think of your past.

    New clue: The picture is a cultural graveyard.